The Highland Cattle Society
Herd Book Number TWU090078 Highland HBN 10102
Eartag UK508005700078 Sex Male
Date of Birth 26th February 2009 Colour Red
Register Pedigree DNA -
Breeder Owner
Name Mr Royds Tylden-Wright Abel Name Mr K W W and Mrs E M Brown
Address The Roundhouse
Uvie Farm
PH20 1BS
Address Ledlanet
KY13 0RR
Telephone Telephone
Email Email
Holding Letters TWU Holding Letters BRC
Fold Suffix UBHAIDH Fold Suffix: CRAIGOWMILL
Animals 104 bred & 66 owned Animals: 1351 bred & 1048 owned
Sire Dam
Eartag:UKD 110200127
LADY WHITE 102ND OF BALMORALBAQ130397UK521043300397 F 13/03/2013 Red Live
100402 OF BALMORALBAQ130402UK521043100402 M 21/03/2013 Red Sold
PHIOBAIDH 107TH OF BALMORALBAQ130407UK521043600407 F 27/04/2013 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 108TH OF BALMORALBAQ130408UK521043700408 F 04/05/2013 Red Sold
RUARIDH 1ST OF BALMORALBAQ140433UK521043400433 M 31/03/2014 Red Live
MEGAN 63RD OF BALMORALBAQ140451UK521043100451 F 18/08/2014 Red Live
RUARUDH 2ND OF BALMORALBAQ150452UK521043200452 M 20/02/2015 Red Live
LADY WHITE 113TH OF BALMORALBAQ150463UK521043600463 F 07/03/2015 Red Live
GARBH ALLT 45TH OF BALMORALBAQ150464UK521043700464 F 08/03/2015 Red Live
BROCH ROY 54TH OF BALMORALBAQ150465UK521043100465 F 10/03/2015 Red Live
RURAIDH OF BALMORALBAQ150488UK521043300488 M 14/05/2015 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 117TH OF BALMORALBAQ150489UK521043400489 F 16/05/2015 Red Live
400496 OF BALMORALBAQ160496UK521043400496 M 19/02/2016 Red Live
500497 OF BALMORALBAQ160497UK521043500497 M 20/02/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 119TH OF BALMORALBAQ160498UK521043600498 F 22/02/2016 Red Live
700499 OF BALMORALBAQ160499UK521043700499 M 23/02/2016 Red Live
BENUICH 45TH OF BALMORALBAQ160500UK521043100500 F 28/02/2016 Red Live
400503 OF BALMORALBAQ160503UK521043400503 M 04/03/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 120TH OF BALMORALBAQ160505UK521043600505 F 17/03/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 121ST OF BALMORALBAQ160508UK521043200508 F 25/03/2016 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 69TH OF BALMORALBAQ160510UK521043400510 F 28/03/2016 Red Live
BROCH ROY 56TH OF BALMORALBAQ160511UK521043500511 F 28/03/2016 Red Live
100514 OF BALMORALBAQ160514UK521043100514 M 02/04/2016 Red Live
CONNACHAT 93RD OF BALMORALBAQ160515UK521043200515 F 03/04/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 122ND OF BALMORALBAQ160516UK521043300516 F 05/04/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 123RD OF BALMORALBAQ160517UK521043400517 F 07/04/2016 Red Live
600519 OF BALMORALBAQ160519UK521043600519 M 12/04/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 124TH OF BALMORALBAQ160521UK521043100521 F 25/04/2016 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 120TH OF BALMORALBAQ160522UK521043200522 F 27/04/2016 Red Live
300523 OF BALMORALBAQ160523UK521043300523 M 30/04/2016 Red Live
BROCH ROY 57TH OF BALMORALBAQ160524UK521043300524 F 03/05/2016 Red Live
500525 OF BALMORALBAQ160525UK521043500525 M 17/05/2016 Red Live
600526 OF BALMORALBAQ160526UK521043600526 M 20/06/2016 Red Live
GARBH ALLT 46TH OF BALMORALBAQ160529UK521043200529 F 28/06/2016 Red Live
LADY WHITE 125TH OF BALMORALBAQ160530UK521043300530 F 29/06/2016 Red Live
400531 OF BALMORALBAQ160531UK521043400531 M 01/07/2016 Red Live
700534 OF BALMORALBAQ170534UK521043700534 M 14/02/2017 Red Live
100535 OF BALMORALBAQ170535UK521043100535 M 15/02/2017 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 70TH OF BALMORALBAQ170536UK521043200536 F 17/02/2017 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 71ST OF BALMORALBAQ170537UK521043300537 F 20/02/2017 Red Live
LADY WHITE 126TH OF BALMORALBAQ170541UK521043700541 F 01/03/2017 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 122ND OF BALMORALBAQ170543UK521043200543 F 04/03/2017 Red Live
300544 OF BALMORALBAQ170544UK521043300544 M 05/03/2017 Red Live
BROCH ROY 58TH OF BALMORALBAQ170547UK521043600547 F 11/03/2017 Red Live
700548 OF BALMORALBAQ170548UK521043700548 M 13/03/2017 Red Live
LADY WHITE 127TH OF BALMORALBAQ170549UK521043100549 F 14/03/2017 Red Live
LADY WHITE 128TH OF BALMORALBAQ170550UK521043200550 F 21/03/2017 Red Live
300551 OF BALMORALBAQ170551UK521043300551 M 27/03/2017 Red Live
400552 OF BALMORALBAQ170552UK521043400552 M 29/03/2017 Red Live
600554 OF BALMORALBAQ170554UK521043600554 M 02/04/2017 Red Live
700555 OF BALMORALBAQ170555UK521043700555 M 19/04/2017 Red Live
500560 OF BALMORALBAQ170560UK521043500560 M 07/05/2017 Red Live
BENUICH 46TH OF BALMORALBAQ180562UK521043700562 F 02/02/2018 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 72ND OF BALMORALBAQ190563UK521043100563 F 03/02/2018 Red Live
CONNACHAT 94TH OF BALMORALBAQ180564UK521043200564 F 04/02/2018 Black Live
BHADAIR RUADH 73RD OF BALMORALBAQ180565UK521043300565 F 05/02/2018 Red Live
LADY WHITE 129TH OF BALMORALBAQ180566UK521043400566 F 05/02/2018 Red Live
RUARIDH 3RD OF BALMORALBAQ180567UK521043500567 M 07/02/2018 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 125TH OF BALMORALBAQ180568UK521043600568 F 08/02/2018 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 74TH OF BALMORALBAQ180569UK521043700569 F 08/02/2018 Red Live
BROCH ROY 59TH OF BALMORALBAQ180570UK521043100570 F 12/02/2018 Red Live
PHIOBAIDH 126TH OF BALMORALBAQ180571UK521043100571 F 12/02/2018 Red Live
LADY WHITE 130TH OF BALMORALBAQ180573UK521043400573 F 15/02/2018 Red Live
500574 OF BALMORALBAQ180574UK521043500574 M 15/02/2018 Red Live
CONNACHAT 95TH OF BALMORALBAQ180575UK521043600575 F 16/02/2018 Red Live
BHADAIR RUADH 75TH OF BALMORALBAQ180576UK521043700576 F 23/02/2018 Red Live
600582 OF BALMORALBAQ180582UK521043600582 M 14/03/2018 Red Live
DOSSAN OG 19TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182104UK541989502104 F 18/03/2018 Red Live
MAIRI ODHAR 5TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182107UK541989102107 F 19/03/2018 Dun Live
700583 OF BALMORALBAQ180583UK521043700583 M 19/03/2018 Red Live
FERN OF FIONE'S HIGHLAND FOLDSFC192108UK541989202108 F 23/03/2018 Black Live
BLACK PRINCESS 5TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182108UK541989202108 F 23/03/2018 Black Live
202115 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182115UK541989202115 M 29/03/2018 Yellow Live
302116 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182116UK541989302116 M 29/03/2018 Red Live
402117 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182117UK541989402117 M 01/04/2018 Red Live
502118 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182118UK541989502118 M 01/04/2018 Red Live
KIRSTY 15TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182119UK541989602119 F 01/04/2018 Red Live
FEARGHAS OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182120UK541989702120 M 02/04/2018 Yellow Live
AILSA 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182135UK541989102135 F 02/04/2018 Red Live
CAMMERON OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182122UK541989202122 M 05/04/2018 Black Live
BLACK PRINCESS 6TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182125UK541989502125 F 05/04/2018 Black Live
202129 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182129UK541989202129 M 05/04/2018 Black Live
400976 OF BALNABROICHRMI180976UK542297400976 M 05/04/2018 Red Live
702134 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182134UK541989702134 M 06/04/2018 Red Live
302137 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182137UK541989302137 M 06/04/2018 Red Live
JULIE 32ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182133UK541989602133 F 07/04/2018 Red Live
BILEAG BHAITE 3RD OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182138UK541989402138 F 07/04/2018 Red Live
DIORBHAIL 13TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182136UK541989202136 F 08/04/2018 Red Live
702141 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182141UK541989702141 M 12/04/2018 Red Live
SOLAS RUADH 22ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182139UK541989502139 F 14/04/2018 Red Live
102142 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182142UK541989102142 M 14/04/2018 Black Live
MEGAN 68TH OF BALMORALBAQ180587UK521043400587 F 14/04/2018 Red Live
HEATHERBELLE 2ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182140UK541989602140 F 15/04/2018 Red Live
702148 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182148UK541989702148 M 16/04/2018 Red Live
BROGACH 5TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182151UK541989302151 M 16/04/2018 Red Live
502160 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182160UK541989502160 M 16/04/2018 Red Live
102163 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182163UK541989102163 M 16/04/2018 Red Live
UNA DHUBH 18TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182164UK541989202164 F 16/04/2018 Black Live
SUILEAN BRAIGHE 6TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182152UK541989402152 F 17/04/2018 Red Live
SIUSAN RUADH 36TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182166UK541989402166 F 17/04/2018 Red Live
602161 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182161UK541989602161 M 18/04/2018 Black Live
502167 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182167UK541989502167 M 18/04/2018 Red Live
LEAH OF WITCHES CRAIGVDW180003UK546025300003 F 18/04/2018 Red Live
LADY ALMA DHUBH 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182165UK541989302165 F 20/04/2018 Black Live
702162 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182162UK541989702162 M 28/04/2018 Red Live
BANARACH MHOR OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182168UK541989602168 F 30/04/2018 Red Live
702169 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182169UK541989702169 M 08/05/2018 Red Live
BEITIDH DUBH 9TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182172UK541989302172 F 19/05/2018 Black Live
SIUSAN RUADH 32ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC182173UK541989402173 F 23/05/2018 Red Live
BRU OF FIONE'S HIGHLAND FOLDSFC192173UK541989402173 F 23/05/2018 Red Live
AILSA 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192196UK541989602196 F 26/03/2019 Red Live
HEATHERBELLE 2ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192197UK541989702197 F 26/03/2019 Red Live
DOSSAN OG 20TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192199UK541989202199 F 27/03/2019 Red Live
RUARIDH OF CRAIGOWMILL BRC192210UK541989602210 M 31/03/2019 Red Live
302200 OF CRAIGOWMILL BRC192200UK541989302200 M 31/03/2019 Red Live
SINE 8TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192211UK541989702211 F 08/04/2019 Red Live
JULIUS 2ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192215UK541989402215 M 08/04/2019 Red Live
UBI DUBI OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192220UK541989202220 M 10/04/2019 Red Live
602217 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192217UK541989602217 M 12/04/2019 Red Live
102212 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192212UK541989102212 M 13/04/2019 Red Live
VICTORIA 24TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192218UK541989702218 F 15/04/2019 Red Live
CAPLEADH 16TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192213UK541989202213 F 17/04/2019 Red Live
DIORBHAIL 14TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192219UK541989102219 F 21/04/2019 Red Live
302221 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192221UK541989302221 M 24/04/2019 Red Live
SIUSAN RUADH 33RD OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192235UK541989302235 F 03/05/2019 Red Live
502237 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192237UK541989502237 M 04/05/2019 Red Live
PRINCESS DUBH 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192236UK541989402236 F 04/05/2019 Red Live
602238 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192238UK541989602238 M 14/05/2019 Red Live
JULIE 33RD OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192241UK541989202241 F 24/05/2019 Yellow Live
CAPLEADH 17TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192242UK541989302242 F 25/05/2019 Yellow Live
502244 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192244UK541989502244 M 03/06/2019 Red Live
BEAN RUADH 6TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC192248UK541989202248 F 21/06/2019 Red Live
LEONA 12TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202292UK541989402292 F 29/03/2020 Red Live
202297 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202297UK541989202297 M 02/04/2020 Red Live
502300 OF CRAIGOWMILL BRC202300UK541989502300 M 06/04/2020 Red Live
AILSA 12TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202304UK541989202304 F 09/04/2020 Red Live
302305 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202305UK541989302305 M 10/04/2020 Red Live
UNA RUADH 13TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202307UK541989502307 F 11/04/2020 Red Live
SIUSAN RUADH 34TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202310UK541989102310 F 14/04/2020 Red Live
202311 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202311UK541989202311 M 17/04/2020 Red Live
602315 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202315UK541989602315 M 19/04/2020 Red Live
SIUSAN RUADH 35TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202322UK541989602322 F 29/04/2020 Red Live
WYNA 10TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202321UK541989502321 F 30/04/2020 Red Live
KIRSTY 16TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202324UK541989102324 F 03/05/2020 Red Live
602329 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202329UK541989602329 M 12/05/2020 Red Live
FIONA 32ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202333UK541989302333 F 20/05/2020 Red Live
JULIE 34TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC202340UK541989302340 F 03/07/2020 Red Live
502349 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212349UK541989502349 M 20/02/2021 Red Live
DOSSAN OG 23RD OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212350UK541989602350 F 22/02/2021 Red Live
LEONA 13TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212359UK541989102359 F 24/03/2021 Red Live
402362 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212362UK541989402362 M 29/03/2021 Red Live
502370 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212370UK541989502370 F 29/03/2021 Red Live
DOSSAN OG 22ND OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212377UK541989502377 F 06/04/2021 Red Live
702379 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212379UK541989702379 M 11/04/2021 Red Live
202381 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212381UK541989202381 M 12/04/2021 Red Live
CAPLEADH 18TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212382UK541989302382 F 12/04/2021 Red Live
402383 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212383UK541989402383 M 13/04/2021 Red Live
KIRSTY 17TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212385UK541989602385 F 13/04/2021 Red Live
602399 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212399UK541989602399 M 14/04/2021 Red Live
AILSA 13TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212397UK541989402397 F 15/04/2021 Red Live
502398 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212398UK541989502398 M 16/04/2021 Red Live
CAPLEADH 19TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212396UK541989302396 F 18/04/2021 Red Live
CASAIR 10TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212395UK541989202395 F 18/04/2021 Red Live
BILEAG BHAITE 4TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212419UK541989502419 F 25/05/2021 Red Live
UNA DHUBH 25TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212421UK541989702421 F 02/06/2021 Black Live
102422 OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212422UK541989102422 M 02/06/2021 Red Live
JULIE 35TH OF CRAIGOWMILLBRC212427UK541989602427 F 12/06/2021 Red Live