The Highland Cattle Society
Herd Book Number LIO071393 Highland HBN 9932
Eartag UK540930501393 Sex Male
Date of Birth 10th April 2007 Colour Red
Register Pedigree DNA -
Breeder Owner
Name Sir William Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) Name Herr U Husmann
Address Ormsary Estate Office
PA31 8PE
Telephone 01880 770700 Telephone
Email Email
Holding Letters LIO Holding Letters UHH
Fold Suffix ORMSARY Fold Suffix: HOF HUSMANN
Animals 498 bred & 364 owned Animals: 235 bred & 112 owned
Sire Dam
MAIGHDEN MOR 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG100535UK540990700535 F 14/03/2010 Yellow Live
MAIGHDEAN MOR 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG100536UK540990100536 F 14/03/2010 Yellow Dead
BARABEL BEATHAG 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG100539UK540990400539 F 17/03/2010 Yellow Live
BARABEL BEATHAG 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG100540UK540990500540 F 18/03/2010 Yellow Sold
BARABEL BEATHAG 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG100542UK540990700542 F 19/03/2010 White Live
SHEILA MOR 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG100543UK540990100543 F 19/03/2010 Red Live
200544 OF GLENGORMNEG100544UK540990200544 M 19/03/2010 Red Dead
MALCOLM OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100026UK544552400026 M 21/03/2010 Yellow Sold
DOROTHY NIGHEAN 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG100546UK540990400546 F 21/03/2010 Yellow Live
500547 OF GLENGORMNEG100547UK540990500547 M 23/03/2010 Yellow Dead
DONNCHADH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100027UK544552500027 M 23/03/2010 Red Live
CLARA BEG 8TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100029UK544552700029 F 28/03/2010 Red Live
BARABEL BAN FLATH 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG100551UK540990200551 F 30/03/2010 Red Dead
BHEADAREACHD GRINN 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG100552UK540990300552 F 31/03/2010 Yellow Sold
400553 OF GLENGORMNEG100553UK540990400553 M 01/04/2010 Yellow Dead
FURAN GUN DIUL 13TH OF GLENGORMNEG100557UK540990100557 F 09/04/2010 Yellow Dead
MAIRINA TIAL 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG100558UK540990200558 F 13/04/2010 Yellow Live
400560 OF GLENGORMNEG100560UK540990400560 M 17/04/2010 Yellow Dead
500561 OF GLENGORMNEG100561UK540990500561 M 17/04/2010 Red Dead
600562 OF GLENGORMNEG100562UK540990600562 M 19/04/2010 Red Dead
BARABEL BAN FLATH 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG100564UK540990100564 F 22/04/2010 Yellow Live
100030 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100030UK544552100030 M 04/05/2010 Yellow Live
BARABEL BEATHAG 12TH OF GLENGORMNEG100570UK540990700570 F 11/05/2010 Red Live
BARABEL ROS 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG100572UK540990200572 F 15/05/2010 Yellow Sold
UNA BHUIDHE 8TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100031UK544552200031 F 15/05/2010 Yellow Live
MORAG BRIAGHA 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG100573UK540990300573 F 17/05/2010 Yellow Dead
BAC MOR 3RD OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100032UK544552300032 F 21/05/2010 Yellow Live
ALICE SEONAG 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG100576UK540990600576 F 07/06/2010 Red Live
400033 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM100033UK544552400033 M 12/06/2010 Yellow Live
700577 OF GLENGORMNEG110577UK540990700577 M 09/03/2011 Yellow Live
CLARA BEG 9TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM110034UK544552500034 F 09/03/2011 Yellow Live
AN ROS 5TH OF GLENGORMNEG110580UK540990300580 F 11/03/2011 Yellow Live
400581 OF GLENGORMNEG110581UK540990400581 M 13/03/2011 Yellow Sold
100585 OF GLENGORMNEG110585UK540990100585 M 17/03/2011 White Live
600590 OF GLENGORMNEG110590UK540990600590 M 20/03/2011 Yellow Sold
MAIRINA EALASAID 7TH OF GLENGORMNEG110586UK540990200586 F 20/03/2011 Yellow Dead
AN ROS 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG110587UK540990300587 F 20/03/2011 Yellow Dead
BARABEL BAN FLATH 12TH OF GLENGORMNEG110593UK540990200593 F 25/03/2011 Yellow Live
700036 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM110036UK544552700036 M 25/03/2011 Red Live
100037 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM110037UK544552100037 M 26/03/2011 Red Live
BARABEL ROS 7TH OF GLENGORMNEG110598UK540990700598 F 28/03/2011 White Live
500596 OF GLENGORMNEG110596UK540990500596 M 28/03/2011 Yellow Sold
600597 OF GLENGORMNEG110597UK540990600597 M 28/03/2011 Yellow Sold
ACHADH CHUILTER OF GLENGORMNEG110599UK540990100599 M 28/03/2011 Yellow Live
200600 OF GLENGORMNEG110600UK540990200600 M 29/03/2011 Yellow Sold
600604 OF GLENGORMNEG110604UK540990600604 M 31/03/2011 Yellow Dead
MAIGHDEAN MOR 12TH OF GLENGORMNEG110603UK540990500603 F 31/03/2011 Red Live
MAIGHDEAN MOR 13TH OF GLENGORMNEG110606UK540990100606 F 02/04/2011 Red Live
200607 OF GLENGORMNEG110607UK540990200607 M 03/04/2011 Yellow Live
600611 OF GLENGORMNEG110611UK540990600611 M 07/04/2011 Yellow Dead
BARABEL BEATHAG 13TH OF GLENGORMNEG110610UK540990500610 F 07/04/2011 White Dead
300039 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM110039UK544552300039 M 12/04/2011 Yellow Live
ALICE SEONAG 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG110616UK540990400616 F 15/04/2011 Red Dead
600618 OF GLENGORMNEG110618UK540990600618 M 18/04/2011 Yellow Dead
40004 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM110040UK544552400040 M 21/04/2011 Yellow Live
FURAN SILEAS 5TH OF GLENGORMNEG110620UK540990100620 F 01/05/2011 White Live
DOROTHY NIGHEAN 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG110621UK540990200621 F 05/05/2011 Yellow Live
DOROTHY NIGHEAN 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG110623UK540990400623 F 12/05/2011 Yellow Live
500624 OF GLENGORMNEG110624UK540990500624 M 16/05/2011 Yellow Dead
BARABEL BAN FLATH 13TH OF GLENGORMNEG110626UK540990700626 F 18/05/2011 Red Live
FURAN BEATHAG 13TH OF GLENGORMNEG110628UK540990200628 F 25/05/2011 Yellow Dead
SHEILA FURAN 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG110634UK540990100634 F 27/06/2011 Red Live
300636 OF GLENGORMNEG120636UK540990300636 M 05/03/2012 Red Dead
200635 OF ORMSARYNEG120635UK540990200635 M 05/03/2012 Yellow Live
BARABEL BEATHAG 14TH OF GLENGORMNEG120637UK540990400637 F 06/03/2012 White Live
EAIRDSIDH BAN OF GLENGORM NEG120638UK540990500638 M 09/03/2012 White Dead
UNA BHUIDHE 9TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120043UK544552700043 F 12/03/2012 Yellow Live
ACHADH CHUILTER 2ND OF GLENGORM NEG120639UK540990600639 M 14/03/2012 Yellow Dead
FLORA 3RD OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120044UK544552100044 F 14/03/2012 White Sold
DONNCHADH 2ND OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120045UK544552200045 M 16/03/2012 White Live
AN ROS KIMBERLEY 1ST OF CAROLINAMLF120020UK186450400020 F 16/03/2012 Yellow Live
500048 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120048UK544552500048 M 18/03/2012 Red Live
SCOTT 2ND OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120047UK544552400047 M 18/03/2012 Red Live
LOGAN OF MUINGAIRIGHAMM120046UK544552300046 M 18/03/2012 Yellow Live
CLARA BEG OF TRUBACJKS120002UK546877600002 F 22/03/2012 Red Sold
600646 OF GLENGORMNEG120646UK540990600646 M 26/03/2012 Yellow Live
CLARA BEG 10TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM120049UK544552600049 F 27/03/2012 Red Live
400651 OF GLENGORMNEG120651UK540990400651 M 28/03/2012 Yellow Live
600653 OF GLENGORMNEG120653UK540990600653 M 30/03/2012 Yellow Live
100655 OF GLENGORMNEG120655UK540990100655 M 01/04/2012 Yellow Live
ANNA FIADHAICH 6TH OF GLENGORMNEG120657UK540990300657 F 04/04/2012 Red Live
AN ROS 7TH OF GLENGORMNEG120662UK540990100662 F 07/04/2012 Yellow Live
MAIRINA EALASAID 8TH OF GLENGORMNEG120667UK540990600667 F 12/04/2012 Yellow Dead
MAIRINA EALASAID 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG120669UK540990100669 F 13/04/2012 Yellow Live
MORAG BOIRIONN 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG120671UK540990300671 F 15/04/2012 Red Dead
BARABEL BAN FLATH 15TH OF GLENGORMNEG120679UK540990400679 F 03/05/2012 Red Dead
MAIGHDEAN MOR 14TH OF GLENGORMNEG120682UK540990700682 F 13/05/2012 Red Live
BHEADAREACHD GRINN 8TH OF GLENGORMNEG120683UK540990100683 F 20/05/2012 Yellow Dead
400686 OF GLENGORMNEG120686UK540990400686 M 10/06/2012 Yellow Live
700689 OF GLENGORMNEG120689UK540990700689 M 12/06/2012 White Live
SHEILA FURAN 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG120691UK540990200691 F 20/06/2012 Red Dead
400693 OF GLENGORMNEG130693UK540990400693 M 11/03/2013 Red Live
500694 OF GLENGORMNEG130694UK540990500694 M 11/03/2013 Red Live
100051 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130051UK544552100051 M 11/03/2013 Red Live
600695 OF GLENGORMNEG130695UK540990600695 M 13/03/2013 Red Live
BARABEL BEURRACH 4TH OF GLENGORMNEG130696UK540990700696 F 15/03/2013 White Live
FURAN BEATHAG 17TH OF GLENGORMNEG130698UK540990200698 F 18/03/2013 Red Live
ACHADH CHUILTER 3RD OF GLENGORMNEG130699UK540990300699 M 23/03/2013 Red Dead
100801 OF HARDHAM HIGHLANDSSMT130801UK263814100801 M 25/03/2013 Red Dead
600702 OF GLENGORMNEG130702UK540990600702 M 26/03/2013 Red Live
LEUMADAIR OF GLENGORMNEG130703UK540990700703 M 28/03/2013 Red Live
400707 OF GLENGORMNEG130707UK540990400707 M 01/04/2013 Red Dead
200052 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130052UK544552200052 M 01/04/2013 Red Live
700710 OF GLENGORMNEG130710UK540990700710 M 06/04/2013 Red Live
300053 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130053UK544552300053 M 07/04/2013 Red Live
200712 OF GLENGORMNEG130712UK540990200712 M 09/04/2013 Red Live
DOROTHY NIGHEAN 12TH OF GLENGORMNEG130714UK540990400714 F 15/04/2013 Red Live
500715 OF GLENGORMNEG130715UK540990500715 M 15/04/2013 Red Live
LOGAN 2ND OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130054UK544552400054 M 16/04/2013 Red Live
CAPLEADH MAISEACH 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG130716UK540990600716 F 20/04/2013 Red Dead
MAIRINA CIATACH 10TH OF GLENGORMNEG130718UK540990100718 F 22/04/2013 Red Live
FURAN BEATHAG 18TH OF GLENGORMNEG130719UK540990200719 F 23/04/2013 Red Live
300720 OF GLENGORMNEG130720UK540990300720 M 24/04/2013 Red Live
MAIRINA EALASAID 11TH OF GLENGORMNEG130725UK540990100725 F 29/04/2013 Yellow Live
300727 OF GLENGORMNEG130727UK540990300727 M 03/05/2013 Red Live
500055 OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130055UK544552500055 M 12/05/2013 Red Live
CLARA BEG 11TH OF MIUNGAIRIGHAMM130056UK544552600056 F 13/05/2013 Yellow Live
MORAG BAN DIUCHD 9TH OF GLENGORMNEG130730UK540990600730 F 25/05/2013 Yellow Live
AN ROS 8TH OF GLENGORMNEG130733UK540990200733 F 28/05/2013 White Live
400735 OF GLENGORMNEG130735UK540990400735 M 08/06/2013 Red Live
ACHADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139086DE1264309086 M 03/09/2013 Yellow Dead
ACHADH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA139091DE1264309091 M 29/11/2013 Yellow Live
ACHADH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149093DE1264309093 M 30/03/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149094DE1264309094 M 30/03/2014 Brindle Live
URSULA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149095DE1264309095 F 02/04/2014 Red Live
ATENE 3RD OF HOF HUSMANNUHH149096DE1264309096 F 02/04/2014 Red Live
PROISEAG 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149097DE1264309097 F 04/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149098DE1264309098 M 05/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149099DE1264309099 M 08/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149101DE1264309101 M 08/04/2014 Red Live
JOYCE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149100DE1264309100 F 08/04/2014 Red Live
BABSY 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149102DE1264309102 F 14/04/2014 Yellow Live
SASKIA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA149103DE1264309103 F 14/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149104DE1265409104 M 14/04/2014 Yellow Live
MALALI 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149105DE1264309105 F 16/04/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149106DE1264309106 M 17/04/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149109DE1264309107 M 18/04/2014 White Live
ACHADH 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149108DE1264309108 M 18/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA159109DE1264309109 M 19/04/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149110DE1264309110 M 29/04/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148116DE1265448116 M 06/05/2014 Yellow Live
EITEAG RUADH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148120DE1265448120 F 16/05/2014 Yellow Live
UNA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148122DE1265448122 F 27/05/2014 Red Live
SHEILA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148123DE1265448123 F 01/06/2014 Red Live
ACHADH 15TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148126DE1265448126 M 19/06/2014 Yellow Live
JOLEEN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148128DE1265448128 F 01/07/2014 Red Live
MAEBH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148130DE1265448130 F 08/07/2014 Red Live
JULE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA148131DE1265448131 F 11/07/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 16TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148132DE1265448132 M 12/07/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 17TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148133DE1265448133 M 23/07/2014 Yellow Live
ACHADH 18TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148135DE1265448135 M 12/08/2014 Brindle Live
MAELRUBHA OF GOTSGARTENSGA158137DE1265448137 M 30/03/2015 Yellow Live
MALALI 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158140DE1265448140 F 06/04/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 20TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158143DE1265448143 M 12/04/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 21ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA158145DE1265448145 M 14/04/2015 Yellow Live
EILIDH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158147DE1265448147 F 15/04/2015 Brown Live
ACHADH 22ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA158148DE1265448148 M 16/04/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 23RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA158149DE1265448149 M 18/04/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 24TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158151DE1265448151 M 19/04/2015 White Live
AINE BHEAG 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158152DE1265448152 F 20/04/2015 White Live
ACHADH CHUILTER OF HOF HUSMANNUHH158153DE1265448153 M 21/04/2015 Yellow Live
UMA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158154DE1265448154 F 22/04/2015 Red Live
FRUACH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158155DE1265448155 F 27/04/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 25TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158156DE1265448156 M 29/04/2015 Red Live
URSINA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158157DE1265448157 F 02/05/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 26TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158158DE1265448158 M 09/05/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 27TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158159DE1265448159 M 15/05/2015 Red Live
UNA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158160DE1265448160 F 15/05/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 28TH OF GOTSGARTEN SGA151351DE1272451351 M 22/05/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 29TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151352DE1272451352 M 24/05/2015 Yellow Live
EILIDH 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151354DE1272451354 F 28/05/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 30TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151355DE1272451355 M 02/06/2015 Red Live
LAOICH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151356DE1272451356 M 03/06/2015 Yellow Live
SASKIA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151357DE1272451357 F 10/06/2015 Yellow Live
ADONIA OF GOTSGARTENSGA151358DE1272451358 F 14/06/2015 Red Live
MAEBH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151359DE1272451359 F 06/07/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 32ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151360DE1272451360 M 07/07/2015 Yellow Live
ACHADH 33RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151361DE1272451361 M 08/07/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 34TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151362DE1272451362 M 08/07/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 35TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151363DE1272451363 M 17/07/2015 Red Live
WENDY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151366DE1272451366 F 14/08/2015 Red Live
WENDY 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151367DE1272451367 F 14/08/2015 Red Live
JULE 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151370DE1272451370 F 19/09/2015 Red Live
ACHADH 36TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151371DE1272451371 M 19/09/2015 Yellow Live
CIORSDAN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161375DE1272451375 F 27/03/2016 Red Live
BARABAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA161376DE1272451376 F 28/03/2016 Yellow Live
PROISEAG 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161379DE1272451379 F 01/04/2016 Yellow Live
ACHADH 37TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161381DE1272451381 M 05/04/2016 Red Live
ACHADH 38TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161384DE1272451384 M 06/04/2016 Brindle Live
ALMA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161385DE1272451385 F 07/04/2016 Yellow Live
ATENE 4TH OF HOF HUSMANNUHH171386DE1272451386 F 08/04/2016 Red Live
ACHADH 39TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161388DE1272451388 M 10/04/2016 Yellow Live
URSINA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161391DE1272451391 F 11/04/2016 Red Live
LAOICH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161396DE1272451396 M 22/04/2016 Yellow Live
EILIDH 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161398DE1272451398 F 02/05/2016 Red Live
EILIDH 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161399DE1272451399 F 02/05/2016 Red Live
MALALI 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161400DE1272451400 F 03/05/2016 Yellow Live
URSINA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161692DE1267561692 F 09/05/2016 Yellow Live
AILIS 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161693DE1267561693 F 12/05/2016 White Live
MEABH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161694DE1267561694 F 21/05/2016 Yellow Live
MONA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161695DE1267561695 F 04/06/2016 Red Live
ACHADH 40TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161697DE1267561697 M 15/06/2016 Red Live
EILIDH 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161698DE1267561698 F 21/06/2016 Yellow Live
UNA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161700DE1267561700 F 11/07/2016 Red Live
JOLEEN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161702DE1267561702 F 19/07/2016 Red Live
ACHADH 42ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161703DE1267561703 M 23/07/2016 Red Live
URSULA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161704DE1267561704 F 09/08/2016 Red Live
ARAICHD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161705DE1267561705 F 23/08/2016 Red Live
ADONIA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161707DE1267561707 F 16/09/2016 Yellow Live