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NameHerd Book NumBirth DateEartagSexRegister
JOCK 12TH OF WOODNEUKTHO111066 25/03/2011 UK583079301066 M P
ALASDAIR 4TH OF WOODNEUKTHO111132 01/06/2011 UK583079601132 M P
BANARACH OF WOODNEUKTHO121160 11/03/2012 UK583079601160 F P
UILLEANN OF WOODNEUKTHO121161 11/03/2012 UK583079701161 F P
SEONAID 3RD OF WOODNEUKTHO121177 02/04/2012 UK583079201177 F P
ELLIT RUADH 6TH OF WOODNEUKTHO121226 13/05/2012 UK583079201226 F P
BARAVALLA LAGHACH 25TH OF WOODNEUKTHO121240 10/06/2012 UK583079201240 F P
MORAG 60TH OF WOODNEUKTHO121243 17/06/2012 UK583079501243 F P
SHONA 16TH OF WOODNEUKTHO121244 18/06/2012 UK583079601244 F P
221014 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171014 04/04/2016 FR8721221014 M BN
221016 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171016 08/04/2016 FR8721221016 M BN
221015 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171015 06/04/2016 FR8721221015 F BN
221017 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171017 22/04/2016 FR8721221017 F BN
221018 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171018 23/04/2016 FR8721221018 F BN
221000 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171000 01/04/2016 FR8721221000 M BN
221019 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171019 17/10/2016 FR8721221019 F BN
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