The Highland Cattle Society
7 matching animals found
NameHerd Book NumberBirth DateEartag
221014 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171014 04/04/2016 FR8721221014
221016 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171016 08/04/2016 FR8721221016
221015 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171015 06/04/2016 FR8721221015
221017 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171017 22/04/2016 FR8721221017
221018 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171018 23/04/2016 FR8721221018
221000 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171000 01/04/2016 FR8721221000
221019 OF DU MAS DU BOSTDMD171019 17/10/2016 FR8721221019
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