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NameHerd Book NumBirth DateEartagSexRegister
EILIDH OF GOTSGARTENSGA088017 15/10/2008 DE1262378017 F P
MAGNUM OF GOTSGARTENSGA098169 27/05/2009 DE1262398169 M BN
EILIDH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098179 16/09/2009 DE1262398179 F P
MACTALLA OF GOTSGARTENSGA098178 22/08/2009 DE1262398178 M BN
CORDULA OF GOTSGARTENSGA098165 25/04/2009 DE1262398165 F P
CARMINA OF GOTSGARTENSGA098182 01/10/2009 DE1262398182 F P
PRISZILLA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA961747 10/04/1996 DE1262011747 F P
FRANZISKA OF GOTSGARTENSGA922163 05/03/1992 DE1262102163 F P
BERRYSGA904891 27/07/1990 7734891 M P
BANI 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA930076 14/04/1993 DE228800076 M P
JUDITH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA961762 24/08/1996 DE1262011762 F P
JOSI OF GOTSGARTENSGA036127 23/09/2003 DE1262236127 F P
XXXXX  -   F P
BANI 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA948805 21/04/1994 DE1262148805 M P
PEIGI 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA006296 10/03/2000 DE1262156296 F P
STEWARTXXX955423 12/04/1995 245005423 M P
SAMUEL 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA982195 23/08/1998 DE1262102195 M P
FENELLA OF GOTSGARTENSGA982197 03/11/1998 DE1262102197 F P
FIONNGHAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA046132 07/03/2004 DE1262236132 F P
FRUACH OF GOTSGARTENSGA036124 25/08/2003 DE1262236124 F P
OSRAM VOM WEIDENBUSCHXXX036240 19/03/2003 DE1269196240 M P
SHEILA OF GOTSGARTENSGA059208 10/08/2005 DE1262309208 F P
OBELIX OF GOTSGARTENSGA046715 06/05/2004 DE1262276715 M P
JESSI 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098183 16/10/2009 DE1262398183 F P
PEIG 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098181 23/09/2009 DE1262398181 F P
FRUACH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098155 08/04/2009 DE1262398155 F P
SHONA OF GOTSGARTENSGA098022 02/04/2009 DE1262378022 F P
UTA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA977064 19/07/1997 DE1262067064 F P
URSINA 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA036122 29/07/2003 DE1262236122 F P
JACK 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA085903 20/04/2008 DE1262345903 M P
UMA 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA069216 07/04/2006 DE1262309216 F P
UMA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098186 21/10/2009 DE1262398186 F P
URSINA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA098159 18/04/2009 DE1262398159 F P
BABSY OF GOTSGARTENSGA098187 27/10/2009 DE1262398187 F P
PRINCESS MONIKA OF GOTSGARTENSGA961763 11/09/1996 DE1262011763 F P
PRINCESS MALDA OF GOTSGARTENSGA056747 15/04/2005 DE1262276747 F P
IAIN RUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA088018 03/11/2008 DE1262378018 M P
URSULA OF GOTSGARTENSGA098025 04/04/2009 DE1262378025 F P
ABIR 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA977066 19/07/1997 DE1262067066 M P
PRINCE ALBERT OF GOTSGARTENSGA029023 26/03/2002 DE1262199023 M P
PRINCE ANSGAR OF GOTSGARTENSGA046736 17/12/2004 DE1262276736 M P
ARCHIE OF GOTSGARTENSGA098021 02/04/2009 DE1262378021 M P
MILKA 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA961758 27/06/1996 DE1262011758 F P
MINA OF GOTSGARTENSGA019004 02/06/2001 DE1262199004 F P
MUIRNEAG 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA036749 12/10/2003 DE1262276749 F P
OLEC 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA108195 18/03/2010 DE1262398195 M BN
MAEBH OF GOTSGARTENSGA098152 06/04/2009 DE1262398152 F P
MONA OF GOTSGARTENSGA085900 15/04/2008 DE1262345900 F P
MICHAL 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA961754 29/05/1996 DE1262011754 F P
MALALI 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA026103 25/11/2002 DE1262236103 F P
MALALI 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA036128 12/10/2003 DE1262236128 F P
MARIE 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA006304 28/03/2000 DE1262156304 F P
MAIRINA 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA069222 16/04/2006 DE1262309222 F P
MALALI 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA098177 10/08/2009 DE1262398177 F P
MUIRNEAG 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098175 02/07/2009 DE1262398175 F P
EITEAG RUADH 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA006315 23/06/2000 DE1262156315 F P
EITEAG RUADH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA059212 03/09/2005 DE1262309212 F P
ABNER OF GOTSGARTENSGA961745 02/04/1996 DE1262011745 M P
JUDY OF GOTSGARTENSGA006295 02/03/2000 DE1262156295 F P
JOANA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA059200 11/06/2005 DE1262309200 F P
JULIE OF GOTSGARTENSGA098153 06/04/2009 DE1262398153 F P
JULE OF GOTSGARTEN  17/05/2008   F P
CARMINA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103980 16/09/2010 DE1260913980 F P
JOYCE OF GOTSGARTENSGA103979 19/08/2010 DE1260913979 F P
URSINA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA103962 20/03/2010 DE1260913962 F P
EILIDH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA103978 22/07/2010 DE1260913978 F P
MALALI 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA103970 16/05/2010 DE1260913970 F P
URSULA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103973 31/05/2010 DE1260913973 F P
MUIRNEAG 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA103977 13/07/2010 DE1260913977 F P
FRUACH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA103963 21/03/2010 DE1260913963 F P
SHEILA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103965 29/03/2010 DE1260913965 F P
FIONNGHAL 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103961 18/03/2010 DE1260913961 F P
BABSY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103981 17/11/2010 DE1260913981 F P
CORDULA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA103967 31/03/2010 DE1260913967 F P
UNA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA059194 07/05/2005 DE1262309194 F P
UNA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA103976 22/06/2010 DE1260913976 F P
EITEAG RUADH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA103971 23/05/2010 DE1260913971 F P
405671 OF GOTSGARTENSGA105671 02/05/2010 DE1262405671 M BN
405672 OF GOTSGARTENSGA105672 03/05/2010 DE1262405672 M BN
405674 OF GOTSGARTENSGA105674 19/06/2010 DE1262405674 M BN
URSINA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA085896 02/04/2008 DE1262345896 F P
398158 OF GOTSGARTENSGA098158 15/04/2009 DE1262398158 M BN
MINTY OF GOTSGARTENSGA098180 22/09/2009 DE1262398180 F P
UNA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA119266 07/05/2011 DE1266929266 F P
UMA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA113989 10/04/2011 DE1260913989 F P
OTTO 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119271 18/05/2011 DE1266929271 M BN
ODAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA088014 05/08/2008 DE1262378014 M P
OWEN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119281 16/08/2011 DE1266929281 M BN
OSRAM 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119275 18/06/2011 DE1266929275 M BN
ORSON OF GOTSGARTENSGA119268 10/05/2011 DE1266929268 M BN
ORLAIDIR OF GOTSGARTENSGA113988 02/04/2011 DE1260913988 M BN
ONKO 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA119263 14/04/2011 DE1266929263 M BN
OLEC 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA119274 15/06/2011 DE1266929274 M BN
OKTAVIAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119272 22/05/2011 DE1266929272 M BN
OCCAM 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119267 07/05/2011 DE1266929267 M BN
OBAN OF GOTSGARTENSGA119285 13/09/2011 DE1266929285 M BN
MINTY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA113983 22/01/2011 DE1260913983 F P
FRUACH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA113986 24/03/2011 DE1260913986 F P
FIONNGHAL 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA119287 30/10/2011 DE1266929287 F P
CORDULA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA119273 10/06/2011 DE1266929273 F P
CIORSDAN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA119277 14/07/2011 DE1266929277 F P
BABSY 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA119286 03/10/2011 DE1266929286 F P
BABSY 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA119269 10/05/2011 DE1266929269 F P
ART MOR OF GOTSGARTENSGA113990 10/04/2011 DE1260913990 M BN
ANTON OF GOTSGARTENSGA119270 15/05/2011 DE1266929270 M BN
ANSELM OF GOTSGARTENSGA119265 01/05/2011 DE1266929265 M BN
AIMILI OF GOTSGARTENSGA113984 27/02/2011 DE1260913984 F P
AENEAS OF GOTSGARTENSGA119279 16/07/2011 DE1266929279 M BN
MAON OF GOTSGARTENSGA119284 02/09/2011 DE1266929284 M BN
OSSIAN MHOR 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA113987 24/03/2011 DE1260913987 M BN
ADRIANE 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA961742 19/03/1996 DE1262011742 F P
ARABELLA OF GOTSGARTENSGA059205 04/08/2005 DE1262309205 F P
ANNA OF GOTSGARTENSGA006294 29/02/2000 DE1262156294 F P
AMELI OF GOTSGARTENSGA059192 30/04/2005 DE1262309192 F P
AILIS OF GOTSGARTENSGA098157 15/04/2009 DE1262398157 F P
MARIUS 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA119280 03/08/2011 DE1266929280 M BN
WALLY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA971770 29/03/1997 DE1262011770 F P
WOPHSI 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA006301 19/03/2000 DE1262156301 F P
WIKIE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA056743 10/04/2005 DE1262276743 F P
WENDY OF GOTSGARTENSGA103966 29/03/2010 DE1260913966 F P
JOLEEN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129295 25/03/2012 DE1266929295 F P
MANUS 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129297 01/04/2012 DE1266929297 M P
ART MOR 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129299 11/04/2012 DE1266929299 M P
AINE BHEAG OF GOTSGARTENSGA129289 10/03/2012 DE1266929289 F P
URSINA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA129290 11/03/2012 DE1266929290 F P
OBAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129291 13/03/2012 DE1266929291 M BN
UMA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA129292 22/03/2012 DE1266929292 F P
JULE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129293 23/03/2012 DE1266929293 F P
MANUS OF GOTSGARTENSGA129294 23/03/2012 DE1266929294 M BN
LADY ALICE OF GOTSGARTENSGA119288 28/12/2011 DE1266929288 F P
BABSY 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120231 25/05/2012 DE1271320231 F P
SHEILA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA120232 21/07/2012 DE1271320232 F P
EILIDH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120233 27/07/2012 DE1271320233 F P
ANTON 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120235 06/08/2012 DE1271320235 M BN
PRINCE ANSGAR 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120236 09/08/2012 DE1271320236 M BN
AODH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120237 23/08/2012 DE1271320237 M BN
CORDULA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120238 03/09/2012 DE1271320238 F P
ANSELM 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120239 13/09/2012 DE1271320239 M BN
FIONNGHAL 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120240 04/10/2012 DE1271320240 F P
ANSELM 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA120241 13/10/2012 DE1271320241 M BN
OSGAR OF GOTSGARTENSGA113985 05/03/2011 DE1260913985 M BN
OGILVIE OF GOTSGARTENSGA119262 13/04/2011 DE1266929262 M BN
CIORSDAN 1ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA098189 23/11/2009 DE1262398189 F P
CIORSDAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA098190 23/11/2009 DE1262398190 F P
PIA OF GOTSGARTENSGA977061 29/03/1997 DE1262067061 F P
SION OF GOTS  25/07/1997   M P
SION OF GOTSGARTENSGA977067 25/07/1997 DE1262067067 M P
PHILI OF GOTSGARTENSGA006293 18/02/2000 DE1262156293 F P
PENNYLANE OF GOTSGARTENSGA036118 01/07/2003 DE1262236118 F P
PROISEAG OF GOTSGARTENSGA085907 28/04/2008 DE1262345907 F P
PROISEAG 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA129298 04/04/2012 DE1266929298 F P
JULE OF GOTSGARTENSGA088005 17/05/2008 DE1262378005 F P
BABSY 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA129300 12/04/2012 DE1266929300 F P
AIMILI 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120222 15/04/2012 DE1271320222 F P
MAEBH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120221 14/04/2012 DE1271320221 F P
MANUS 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA120223 15/04/2012 DE1271320223 M BN
ALASTAIR 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120225 21/04/2012 DE1271320225 M BN
AKKUB OF GOTSGARTENSGA120229 22/04/2012 DE1271320229 M BN
JOYCE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA120228 05/05/2012 DE1271320228 F P
MALALI 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA120227 01/05/2012 DE1271320227 F P
ALROY OF GOTSGARTENSGA120226 22/04/2012 DE1271320226 M BN
JOLEEN OF GOTSGARTENSGA085909 01/05/2008 DE1262345909 F P
ALEC OF GOTSGARTENSGA120224 18/04/2012 DE1271320224 M BN
AENEAS 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA130253 27/03/2013 DE1271320253 M BN
AILIS 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA130255 02/04/2013 DE1271320255 F P
AINE BHEAG 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA130243 25/01/2013 DE1271320243 F P
ALASTAIR 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA139078 05/07/2013 DE1264309078 M BN
ARCHIE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA130250 26/03/2013 DE1271320250 M BN
ARCHIE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA130252 26/03/2013 DE1271320252 M BN
ARCHIE 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139067 20/04/2013 DE1264309067 M BN
ARCHIE 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139073 28/05/2013 DE1264309073 M BN
ARCHIE 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139079 06/07/2013 DE1264309079 M BN
CARMINA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA130254 30/03/2013 DE1271320254 F P
CARMINA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139077 25/06/2013 DE1264309077 F P
EITEAG RUADH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130246 21/03/2013 DE1271320246 F P
FRUACH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139066 18/04/2013 DE1264309066 F P
FRUACH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139071 25/04/2013 DE1264309071 F P
JOLEEN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA139076 23/06/2013 DE1264309076 F P
JULIE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA139075 22/06/2013 DE1264309075 F P
MALALI 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130248 24/03/2013 DE1271320248 F P
MALALI 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139082 22/07/2013 DE1264309082 F P
MANUS 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130247 22/03/2013 DE1271320247 M BN
MAEBH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA130244 14/03/2013 DE1271320244 F P
OBAN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA130258 06/04/2013 DE1271320258 M BN
OBAN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130260 15/04/2013 DE1271320260 M BN
OBAN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139068 22/04/2013 DE1264309068 M BN
OBAN 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139069 24/04/2013 DE1264309069 M BN
OBAN 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139070 24/04/2013 DE1264309070 M BN
OBAN 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139072 26/04/2013 DE1264309072 M BN
OBAN 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139074 12/06/2013 DE1264309074 M BN
PEIG 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA130251 26/03/2013 DE1271320251 F P
SASKIA OF GOTSGARTENSGA130257 06/04/2013 DE1271320257 F P
UNA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130249 24/03/2013 DE1271320249 F P
LADY ALICE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA130242 02/01/2013 DE1271320242 F BN
MANUS 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA130259 09/04/2013 DE1271320259 M BN
MANUS 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139080 15/07/2013 DE1264309080 M BN
ACHADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139086 03/09/2013 DE1264309086 M BN
OSSIAN 3RD OF EIFGENTALSGA139085 11/08/2013 DE1264309085 M BN
AUSTINA OF GOTSGARTENSGA139084 25/07/2013 DE1264309084 F P
MANUS 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139083 23/07/2013 DE1264309083 M BN
MANUS 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139087 11/10/2013 DE1264309087 M BN
MANUS 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139088 07/11/2013 DE1264309088 M BN
AINE BHEAG 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA139092 08/12/2013 DE1264309092 F P
ACHADH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA139091 29/11/2013 DE1264309091 M P
AIMILI 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA139090 26/11/2013 DE1264309090 F P
EILIDH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA139089 24/11/2013 DE1264309089 F P
ACHADH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149093 30/03/2014 DE1264309093 M BN
ACHADH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149094 30/03/2014 DE1264309094 M P
ACHADH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149098 05/04/2014 DE1264309098 M BN
ACHADH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149099 08/04/2014 DE1264309099 M BN
ACHADH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149101 08/04/2014 DE1264309101 M BN
URSULA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149095 02/04/2014 DE1264309095 F P
PROISEAG 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149097 04/04/2014 DE1264309097 F P
JOYCE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA149100 08/04/2014 DE1264309100 F P
BABSY 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149102 14/04/2014 DE1264309102 F P
SASKIA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA149103 14/04/2014 DE1264309103 F P
BABSY 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148121 17/05/2014 DE1265448121 F P
UNA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148122 27/05/2014 DE1265448122 F P
SHEILA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148123 01/06/2014 DE1265448123 F P
MANUS 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148124 09/06/2014 DE1265448124 M BN
MANUS 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148125 16/06/2014 DE126548125 M BN
MANUS 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148127 22/06/2014 DE1265448127 M P
JOLEEN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148128 01/07/2014 DE1265448128 F P
MANUS 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148129 07/07/2014 DE1265448129 M BN
MAEBH 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148130 08/07/2014 DE1265448130 F P
JULE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA148131 11/07/2014 DE1265448131 F P
FIONNGHAL 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148134 27/07/2014 DE1265448134 F P
ACHADH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149104 14/04/2014 DE1265409104 M BN
ACHADH 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149106 17/04/2014 DE1264309106 M P
ACHADH 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149109 18/04/2014 DE1264309107 M P
ACHADH 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149108 18/04/2014 DE1264309108 M BN
ACHADH 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149110 29/04/2014 DE1264309110 M BN
ACHADH 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148116 06/05/2014 DE1265448116 M BN
ACHADH 15TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148126 19/06/2014 DE1265448126 M BN
ACHADH 16TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148132 12/07/2014 DE1265448132 M BN
ACHADH 17TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148133 23/07/2014 DE1265448133 M P
ACHADH 18TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148135 12/08/2014 DE1265448135 M BN
EILIDH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148117 11/05/2014 DE1265448117 F P
MALALI 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA149105 16/04/2014 DE1264309105 F P
MANUS 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148118 12/05/2014 DE1265448118 M BN
CLAGGORM OF GOTSGARTENSGA148119 16/05/2014 DE1265448119 F P
EITEAG RUADH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA148120 16/05/2014 DE1265448120 F P
MANUS 15TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158136 20/10/2014 DE1265448136 M BN
ACHADH 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA159109 19/04/2014 DE1264309109 M BN
MAELRUBHA OF GOTSGARTENSGA158137 30/03/2015 DE1265448137 M P
BILEAG BHAITE OF GOTSGARTENSGA158138 01/04/2015 DE1265448138 F P
EILIDH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158139 04/04/2015 DE1265448139 F P
MALALI 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158140 06/04/2015 DE1265448140 F P
JAMIE OF GOTSGARTENSGA158141 10/04/2015 DE1265448141 M BN
JAMIE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA158142 11/04/2015 DE1265448142 M BN
DONNAG OF GOTSGARTENSGA158144 14/04/2015 DE1265448144 F P
ACHADH 21ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA158145 14/04/2015 DE1265448145 M BN
JAMIE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA158146 14/04/2015 DE1265448146 M BN
EILIDH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158147 15/04/2015 DE1265448147 F P
ACHADH 20TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158143 12/04/2015 DE1265448143 M BN
ACHADH 22ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA158148 16/04/2015 DE1265448148 M P
ACHADH 23RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA158149 18/04/2015 DE1265448149 M BN
JAMIE 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158150 18/04/2015 DE1265448150 M BN
ACHADH 24TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158151 19/04/2015 DE1265448151 M BN
AINE BHEAG 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158152 20/04/2015 DE1265448152 F P
UMA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158154 22/04/2015 DE1265448154 F P
FRUACH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158155 27/04/2015 DE1265448155 F P
ACHADH 25TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158156 29/04/2015 DE1265448156 M BN
URSINA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158157 02/05/2015 DE1265448157 F P
ACHADH 26TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158158 09/05/2015 DE1265448158 M BN
ACHADH 27TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158159 15/05/2015 DE1265448159 M BN
UNA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA158160 15/05/2015 DE1265448160 F P
ACHADH 28TH OF GOTSGARTEN SGA151351 22/05/2015 DE1272451351 M BN
ACHADH 29TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151352 24/05/2015 DE1272451352 M BN
ALMA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151353 24/05/2015 DE1272451353 F P
EILIDH 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151354 28/05/2015 DE1272451354 F P
ACHADH 30TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151355 02/06/2015 DE1272451355 M BN
LAOICH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151356 03/06/2015 DE1272451356 M P
SASKIA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151357 10/06/2015 DE1272451357 F P
ADONIA OF GOTSGARTENSGA151358 14/06/2015 DE1272451358 F P
MAEBH 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151359 06/07/2015 DE1272451359 F P
ACHADH 32ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151360 07/07/2015 DE1272451360 M BN
ACHADH 33RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151361 08/07/2015 DE1272451361 M BN
ACHADH 34TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151362 08/07/2015 DE1272451362 M BN
ACHADH 35TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151363 17/07/2015 DE1272451363 M BN
JAKOB OF GOTSGARTENSGA151364 17/07/2015 DE1272451364 M BN
FIONNGHAL 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151365 11/08/2015 DE1272451365 F P
WENDY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151366 14/08/2015 DE1272451366 F P
WENDY 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA151367 14/08/2015 DE1272451367 F P
CALUM OF GOTSGARTENSGA151368 28/08/2015 DE1272451368 M BN
CALUM 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA151369 07/09/2015 DE1272451369 M BN
JULE 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151370 19/09/2015 DE1272451370 F BN
ACHADH 36TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151371 19/09/2015 DE1272451371 M BN
TE RUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA151372 22/09/2015 DE1272451372 M BN
ACHADH 37TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161381 05/04/2016 DE1272451381 M BN
JAMIE 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161383 06/04/2016 DE1272451383 M BN
ACHADH 38TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161384 06/04/2016 DE1272451384 M BN
JAMIE 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161387 09/04/2016 DE1272451387 M BN
ACHADH 39TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161388 10/04/2016 DE1272451388 M BN
JAMIE 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161390 10/04/2016 DE1272451390 M BN
JAMIE 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161395 15/04/2016 DE1272451395 M BN
LAOICH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161396 22/04/2016 DE1272451396 M P
ACHADH 40TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161697 15/06/2016 DE1267561697 M BN
ACHADH 42ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161703 23/07/2016 DE1267561703 M BN
JAMIE 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161706 09/09/2016 DE1267561706 M BN
AILEEN OF GOTSGARTENSGA161373 17/03/2016 DE1272451373 F P
CIORSDAN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161375 27/03/2016 DE1272451375 F P
BARABAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA161376 28/03/2016 DE1272451376 F P
FIONNGHAL 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161377 31/03/2016 DE1272451377 F P
BABSY 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161378 01/04/2016 DE1272451378 F P
PROISEAG 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161379 01/04/2016 DE1272451379 F P
LADY ALICE 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161382 06/04/2016 DE1272451382 F P
ALMA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161385 07/04/2016 DE1272451385 F P
BABSY 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161389 10/04/2016 DE1272451389 F P
URSINA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161391 11/04/2016 DE1272451391 F P
ANNA OF GOTSGARTENSGA161393 12/04/2016 DE1272451393 F P
CIORSDAN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161397 23/04/2016 DE1272451397 F P
EILIDH 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161398 02/05/2016 DE1272451398 F P
EILIDH 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161399 02/05/2016 DE1272451399 F P
MALALI 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161400 03/05/2016 DE1272451400 F P
EILIDH 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161691 05/05/2016 DE1267561691 F P
URSINA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161692 09/05/2016 DE1267561692 F P
AILIS 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161693 12/05/2016 DE1267561693 F P
MEABH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161694 21/05/2016 DE1267561694 F P
MONA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161695 04/06/2016 DE1267561695 F P
EILIDH 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161696 11/06/2016 DE1267561696 F P
EILIDH 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161698 21/06/2016 DE1267561698 F P
EILIDH 15TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161699 03/07/2016 DE1267561699 F P
UNA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161700 11/07/2016 DE1267561700 F P
JOLEEN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161702 19/07/2016 DE1267561702 F P
URSULA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161704 09/08/2016 DE1267561704 F P
ARAICHD OF GOTSGARTENSGA161705 23/08/2016 DE1267561705 F P
ADONIA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA161707 16/09/2016 DE1267561707 F P
51380 OF GOTSGARTENSGA161380 05/04/2016 DE1272451380 M BN
51392 OF GOTSGARTENSGA161392 12/04/2016 DE1272451392 M BN
PROISEAG 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161374 20/03/2016 DE1272451374 F P
AIMILI 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA161392 13/04/2016 DE1272451392 F P
FIAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA171710 15/03/2017 DE1267561710 M BN
FIAL 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA171712 19/03/2017 DE1267561712 M BN
FIAL 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA171717 24/03/2017 DE1267561717 M BN
ENAN OF GOTSGARTENSGA171720 28/03/2017 DE1267561720 M BN
FIAL 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171721 28/03/2017 DE1267561721 M BN
EOIN OF GOTSGARTENSGA171725 03/04/2017 DE1267561725 M BN
CALUM GEAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA176902 05/04/2017 DE1261586902 M BN
EOIN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176903 05/04/2017 DE1261586903 M BN
FIAL 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176907 09/04/2017 DE1261586907 M BN
EOIN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA176908 11/04/2017 DE1261586908 M BN
CALUM BAN OF GOTSGARTENSGA176909 13/04/2017 DE1261586909 M BN
LAOICH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA176910 15/04/2017 DE1261586910 M BN
ENAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176914 26/04/2017 DE1261586914 M BN
EOIN 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176915 27/04/2017 DE1261586915 M BN
EOIN DUBH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176917 29/04/2017 DE1261586917 M BN
ENAN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA176918 04/05/2017 DE1261586918 M BN
CALUM BAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176920 09/05/2017 DE1261586920 M BN
CALUM MOR OF GOTSGARTENSGA176923 13/05/2017 DE1261586923 M BN
EOIN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176924 14/05/2017 DE1261586924 M BN
EOIN 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176925 17/05/2017 DE1261586925 M BN
SAMUEL OF GOTSGARTENSGA176927 23/05/2017 DE1261586927 M BN
EOIN 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176928 28/05/2017 DE1261586928 M BN
EOIN 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176930 16/06/2017 DE1261586930 M BN
CALUM BAN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA176932 24/07/2017 DE1261586932 M BN
SASKIA 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171708 12/03/2017 DE1267561708 F P
AUSTINA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA171709 15/03/2017 DE1267561709 F P
BARABAL OF GOTSGARTENSGA171711 18/03/2017 DE1267561711 F P
BABSY 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171713 23/03/2017 DE1267561713 F P
AINE BHEAG 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171714 23/03/2017 DE1267561714 F P
CIORSDAN 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171715 23/03/2017 DE1267561715 F P
CIORSDAN 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171716 23/03/2017 DE1267561716 F P
AINE BHEAG 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171718 25/03/2017 DE1267561718 F P
MALALI 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171719 26/03/2017 DE1267561719 F P
CIORSDAN 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171722 29/03/2017 DE1267561722 F P
EILIDH 16TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA171723 02/04/2017 DE1267561723 F P
ANGELA OF GOTSGARTENSGA171724 03/04/2017 DE1267561724 F P
SHEILA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176901 03/04/2017 DE1261586901 F P
MAIRI OF GOTSGARTENSGA176904 06/04/2017 DE1261586904 F P
EITEAG RUADH 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176905 07/04/2017 DE1261586905 F P
EILIDH 17TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176906 07/04/2017 DE1261586906 F P
EITEAG RUADH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176911 22/04/2017 DE1261586911 F P
ANNA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176912 24/04/2017 DE1261586912 F P
AINE BHEAG 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176913 24/04/2017 DE1261586913 F P
AIMILI 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176916 28/04/2017 DE1261586916 F P
NEOINEAN OF GOTSGARTENSGA176919 06/05/2017 DE1261586919 F P
ATENE OF GOTSGARTENSGA176921 10/05/2015 DE1261586921 F P
DONNAG 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA176922 10/05/2017 DE1261586922 F P
EILIDH 18TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176926 20/05/2017 DE1261586926 F P
WENDY 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176929 14/06/2017 DE1261586929 F P
URSULA 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA176931 02/07/2017 DE1261586931 F P
ASHLEY OF GOTSGARTENSGA176933 06/08/2017 DE1261586933 F P
SOLAS OF GOTSGARTENSGA176934 11/08/2017 DE1261586934 F P
AIMILI 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196935 15/10/2017 DE1261586935 F P
SHEILA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196938 27/02/2018 DE1261586938 F P
IAL DHUBH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196941 04/03/2018 DE1261586941 F P
AINE BHEAG 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196942 04/03/2018 DE1261586942 F P
AILIS 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196943 04/03/2018 DE1261586943 F P
MAEBH 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196944 07/03/2018 DE1261586944 F P
86945 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196945 08/03/2018 DE1261586945 M BN
AIMILI 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196948 11/03/2018 DE1261586948 F P
86950 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA196950 15/03/2018 DE1261586950 M BN
05251 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195251 15/03/2018 DE1272505251 M BN
05252 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195252 16/03/2018 DE1272505252 M BN
05253 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195253 19/03/2018 DE1272505253 M BN
05254 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195254 21/03/2018 DE1272505254 M BN
05255 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195255 21/03/2018 DE1272505255 M BN
PROISEAG 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195257 22/03/2018 DE1272505257 F P
05258 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195258 24/03/2018 DE1272505258 M BN
SHEILA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195262 30/03/2018 DE1272505262 F P
05263 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195263 04/04/2018 DE1272505263 M BN
NEOINEAN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195264 05/04/2018 DE1272505264 F P
05265 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195265 07/04/2018 DE1272505265 M BN
MAIRI 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195266 07/04/2018 DE1272505266 F P
05267 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195267 07/04/2018 DE1272505267 M BN
05268 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195268 09/04/2018 DE1272505268 M BN
EITEAG RUADH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195269 09/04/2018 DE1272505269 F P
05270 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195270 12/04/2018 DE1272505270 M BN
DONNA OF GOTSGARTENSGA195272 20/04/2018 DE1272505272 F P
ANGELA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195273 21/04/2018 DE1272505273 F P
05274 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195274 22/04/2018 DE1272505274 M BN
05275 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195275 22/04/2018 DE1272505275 M BN
BABSY 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195277 27/04/2018 DE1272505277 F P
05278 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195278 28/04/2018 DE1272505278 M BN
05279 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195279 28/04/2018 DE1272505279 M BN
EITEAG RUADH 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195280 08/05/2018 DE1272505280 F P
AILIS 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195281 14/05/2018 DE1272505281 F P
05282 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195282 24/05/2018 DE1272505282 M BN
SHEILA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195283 24/05/2018 DE1272505283 F P
05284 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195284 26/05/2018 DE1272505284 M BN
EILIDH 20TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195285 03/06/2018 DE1272505285 F P
AILEEN 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195286 16/06/2018 DE1272505286 F P
MALALI 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195287 24/06/2018 DE1272505287 F P
URSULA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195288 03/07/2018 DE1272505288 F P
URSULA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195289 10/07/2018 DE1272505289 F P
05290 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195290 17/07/2018 DE1272505290 M BN
PROISEAG 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195291 26/07/2018 DE1272505291 F P
05292 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195292 29/07/2018 DE1272505292 M BN
05293 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195293 02/08/2018 DE1272505293 M BN
05294 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195294 09/08/2018 DE1272505294 M BN
ASHLEY 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195295 11/08/2018 DE1272505295 F P
05296 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195296 19/08/2018 DE1272505296 M BN
05297 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195297 20/08/2018 DE1272505297 M BN
AUSTINA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA195298 13/09/2018 DE1272505298 F P
UNA 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196936 21/02/2018 DE1261586936 F P
URSINA 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196937 24/02/2018 DE1261586937 F P
EILIDH 19TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196939 02/03/2018 DE1261586939 F P
AINE BHEAG 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196940 02/03/2018 DE1261586940 F P
86946 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196946 10/03/2018 DE1261586946 M BN
86947 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196947 11/03/2018 DE1261586947 M BN
MAEBH 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196949 12/03/2018 DE1261586949 F P
SAILIDH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195256 21/03/2018 DE1272505256 F P
05259 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195259 25/03/2018 DE1272505259 M BN
05260 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195260 27/03/2018 DE1272505260 M BN
BILEAG BHAITE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA195261 27/03/2018 DE1272505261 F P
05271 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195271 20/04/2018 DE1272505271 M BN
UMA 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195276 23/04/2018 DE1272505276 F P
MAIRI 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA195299 19/03/2019 DE1272505299 F P
505300 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195300 28/03/2019 DE1272505300 M BN
505301 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195301 29/03/2019 DE1272505301 M BN
505302 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195302 29/03/2019 DE1272505302 M BN
MORAG DUBH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195303 30/03/2019 DE1272505303 F P
CALUM 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA195304 31/03/2019 DE1272505304 M P
505305 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195305 31/03/2019 DE1272505305 M BN
BABSY 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195306 31/03/2019 DE1272505306 F P
SOLAS RUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195307 31/03/2019 DE1272505307 F P
505308 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195308 02/04/2019 DE1272505308 M BN
UNA 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195309 02/04/2019 DE1272505309 F P
505310 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195310 03/04/2019 DE1272505310 M BN
PEIGI A RITHIST OF GOTSGARTENSGA195311 04/04/2019 DE1272505311 F P
505315 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195315 05/04/2019 DE1272505315 M BN
505312 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195312 06/04/2019 DE1272505312 M BN
URSINA 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195313 07/04/2019 DE1272505313 F P
505314 OF GOTSGARTENSGA195314 07/04/2019 DE1272505314 M BN
AINE BHEAG 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195316 07/04/2019 DE1272505316 F P
CURRAC NA CUTHAIG OF GOTSGARTENSGA195317 09/04/2019 DE1272505317 F P
EILIDH 21ST OF GOTSGARTENSGA195318 09/04/2019 DE1272505318 F P
IAL RHUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA195319 10/04/2019 DE1272505319 F P
NEOINEAN 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA195320 10/04/2019 DE1272505320 F P
UMA 7TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196501 13/04/2019 DE1262536501 F P
536502 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196502 16/04/2019 DE1262536502 M BN
536503 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196503 19/04/2019 DE1262536503 M BN
536504 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196504 19/04/2019 DE1262536504 M BN
536505 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196505 23/04/2019 DE1262536505 M BN
EITEAG RUADH 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196506 23/04/2019 DE1262536506 F P
PROISEAG 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196507 24/04/2019 DE1262536507 F P
JULE 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196508 25/04/2019 DE1262536508 F P
536509 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196509 28/04/2019 DE1262536509 M BN
536510 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196510 28/04/2019 DE1262536510 M BN
BABSY 14TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196515 30/04/2019 DE1262536515 F P
536511 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196511 05/05/2019 DE1262536511 M BN
536512 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196512 07/05/2019 DE1262536512 M BN
536513 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196513 14/05/2019 DE1262536513 M BN
ATENE 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA196514 17/05/2019 DE1262536514 F P
PROISEAG 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196516 21/05/2019 DE1262536516 F P
DONNA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA196517 28/05/2019 DE1262536517 F P
536518 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196518 28/05/2019 DE1262536518 M BN
UNA 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196519 29/05/2019 DE1262536519 F P
536520 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196520 03/06/2019 DE1262536520 M BN
536521 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196521 09/06/2019 DE1262536521 M BN
536522 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196522 10/06/2019 DE1262536522 M BN
EILIDH 22ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA196523 18/06/2019 DE1262536523 F P
AIMILI 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196524 20/06/2019 DE1262536524 F P
ASHLEY 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA196525 21/06/2019 DE1262536525 F P
CIORSDAN 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196526 21/06/2019 DE1262536526 F P
536527 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196527 24/06/2019 DE1262536527 M BN
536528 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196528 28/06/2019 DE1262536528 M BN
SAILIDH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA196529 28/06/2019 DE1262536529 F P
EILIDH 23RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA196530 30/06/2019 DE1262536530 F P
SARA RUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196531 07/07/2019 DE1262536531 F P
CAITLIN RUADH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196532 12/07/2019 DE1262536532 F P
536533 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196533 18/07/2019 DE1262536533 M BN
536534 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196534 28/07/2019 DE1262536534 M BN
SUSAN OF GOTSGARTENSGA196535 29/07/2019 DE1262536535 F P
URSULA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196536 30/07/2019 DE1262536536 F P
PRINCESS MONICA OF GOTSGARTENSGA196537 11/08/2019 DE1262536537 F P
536538 OF GOTSGARTENSGA196538 11/08/2019 DE1262536538 M BN
AILIS 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA196540 06/10/2019 DE1262536540 F P
EILIDH 24TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206557 01/05/2020 DE1262536557 F P
623242 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203242 02/09/2020 DE1268623242 M BN
623241 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203241 24/08/2020 DE1268623241 M BN
CAITLIN DUBH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203240 21/08/2020 DE1268623240 F P
ARAICHD 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA203239 18/08/2020 DE1268623239 F P
623238 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203238 02/08/2020 DE1268623238 M BN
ANSLEY OF GOTSGARTENSGA203237 02/08/2020 DE1268623237 F P
JOYCE 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203236 24/07/2020 DE1268623236 F P
SAILIDH 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA203235 14/07/2020 DE1268623235 F P
CLAGGORM 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA203234 06/07/2020 DE1268623234 F P
623233 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203233 26/06/2020 DE1268623233 M BN
623232 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203232 23/06/2020 DE1268623232 M BN
PRINCESS MONICA 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA203231 13/06/2020 DE1268623231 F P
623230 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203230 13/06/2020 DE1268623230 M BN
623229 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203229 03/06/2020 DE1268623229 M BN
623228 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203228 27/05/2020 DE1268623228 M BN
623227 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203227 26/05/2020 DE1268623227 M BN
623226 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203226 26/05/2020 DE1268623226 M BN
IAL RHUADH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA203225 26/05/2020 DE1268623225 F P
MORAG OF GOTSGARTENSGA203224 25/05/2020 DE1268623224 F P
EILIDH 25TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203223 24/05/2020 DE1268623223 F P
623222 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203222 23/05/2020 DE1268623222 M BN
623221 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203221 20/05/2020 DE1268623221 M BN
623220 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203220 19/05/2020 DE1268623220 M BN
623219 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203219 17/05/2020 DE1268623219 M BN
AINE BHEAG 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203218 16/05/2020 DE1268623218 F P
URSINA 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203217 13/05/2020 DE1268623217 F P
623216 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203216 12/05/2020 DE1268623216 M BN
UMA 8TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203214 10/05/2020 DE1268623214 F P
623213 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203213 09/05/2020 DE1268623213 M BN
MALALI 13TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203215 09/05/2020 DE1268623215 F P
SHEILA 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203212 09/05/2020 DE1268623212 F P
URSULA 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203211 08/05/2020 DE1268623211 F P
623210 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203210 07/05/2020 DE1268623210 M BN
SOLAS RUADH 2ND OF GOTSGARTENSGA203209 07/05/2020 DE1268623209 F P
JULE 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203208 07/05/2020 DE1268623208 F P
623207 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203207 06/05/2020 DE1268623207 M BN
NEOINEAN 6TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203206 06/05/2020 DE1268623206 F P
623205 OF GOTSGARTENSGA203205 06/05/2020 DE1268623205 M BN
BABSY 15TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203204 05/05/2020 DE1268623204 F P
ASHLEY 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203203 05/05/2020 DE1268623203 F P
EITEAG RUADH 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA203202 04/05/2020 DE1268623202 F P
BARABAL 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA203201 03/05/2020 DE1268623201 F P
536560 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206560 03/05/2020 DE1262536560 M BN
536559 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206559 02/05/2020 DE1262536559 M BN
MAIRI 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206558 02/05/2020 DE1262536558 F P
AINE BHEAG 12TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206556 30/04/2020 DE1262536556 F P
AIMILI 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206555 30/04/2020 DE1262536555 F P
536554 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206554 28/04/2020 DE1262536554 M BN
536553 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206553 28/04/2020 DE1262536553 M BN
536552 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206552 27/04/2020 DE1262536552 M BN
536551 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206551 27/04/2020 DE1262536551 M BN
SHEILA 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206550 26/04/2020 DE1262536550 F P
SHEILA 9TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206549 25/04/2020 DE1262536549 F P
PROISEAG 10TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206548 24/04/2020 DE1262536548 F P
SINE OF GOTSGARTENSGA206547 19/04/2020 DE1262536547 F P
AINE BHEAG 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206546 18/04/2020 DE1262536546 F P
MAIRI 4TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206545 18/04/2020 DE1262536545 F P
DONNA 3RD OF GOTSGARTENSGA206544 16/04/2020 DE1262536544 F P
EITEAG RUADH 11TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206543 10/04/2020 DE1262536543 F P
536542 OF GOTSGARTENSGA206542 10/04/2020 DE1262536542 M BN
NEOINEAN 5TH OF GOTSGARTENSGA206541 09/04/2020 DE1262536541 F P
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