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NameHerd Book NumBirth DateEartagSexRegister
500001 OF JAGGARDSACJ070001 01/04/2007 UK227306500001 M BN
FERN 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ080003 04/05/2008 UK227306700003 F P
300001 OF JAGGARDSACJ100001 26/03/2010 UK227860300001 M BN
RAONAID 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ110002 10/03/2011 UK227860400002 F P
FERNANDO 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ110003 22/03/2011 UK227860500003 M P
RAONAID 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ120004 06/03/2012 UK227860600004 F P
JJ OF JAGGARDSACJ120005 29/03/2012 UK227860700005 M P
EBONY OF JAGGARDSACJ130006 24/02/2013 UK227860100006 F P
200007 OF JAGGARDSACJ130007 06/03/2013 UK227860200007 M BN
300008 OF JAGGARDSACJ130008 12/05/2013 UK227860300008 M BN
BONNYBELLA OF JAGGARDSACJ140011 25/02/2014 UK227860600011 F P
100013 OF JAGGARDSACJ140013 31/03/2014 UK227860100013 M BN
BETTY 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ140012 27/03/2014 UK227860700012 F P
200014 OF JAGGARDSACJ140014 17/04/2014 UK227860200014 M BN
BEAUTY 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ140015 19/05/2014 UK227860300015 F P
BRAMBLE OF JAGGARDSACJ140016 25/07/2014 UK227860400016 F P
ANGEL 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ150017 05/01/2015 UK227860500017 F P
ANNABELLE OF JAGGARDSACJ150020 06/02/2015 UK227860100020 F P
AMELIA OF JAGGARDSACJ150023 08/06/2015 UK227860400023 F P
ANGELICA OF JAGGARDSACJ150067 01/04/2015 UK226564100067 F P
ANOUSHKA OF JAGGARDSACJ150024 16/09/2015 UK227860500024 F P
OLIVIA DHONN 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ160028 23/01/2016 UK227860200028 F P
CLARICE DUBH 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ160029 27/01/2016 UK227860300029 F P
FERN DUBH 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ160032 03/09/2016 UK227860600032 F P
MAPLE DUBH 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ160033 02/11/2016 UK227860700033 F P
400037 OF JAGGARDSACJ170037 02/05/2017 UK227860400037 M BN
BONNY BELLA GEAL 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ170038 08/05/2017 UK227860500038 F P
OLIVIA GEAL 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ170040 22/05/2017 UK227860700040 F P
BRANDY GEAL 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ170039 08/05/2017 UK227860600039 F P
BETTY GEAL 1ST OF JAGGARDSACJ170036 02/05/2017 UK227860300036 F P
FINGAL OF JAGGARDSACJ170041 22/09/2017 UK227860100041 M P
EBONY GEAL 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ170042 06/10/2017 UK227860200042 F P
RAONAID GEAL 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ170043 08/10/2017 UK227860300043 F P
OLIVIA GEAL 4TH OF JAGGARDSACJ180053 30/05/2018 UK227860600053 F P
500052 OF JAGGARDSACJ180052 29/04/2018 UK227860500052 M BN
400051 OF JAGGARDSACJ180051 26/04/2018 UK227860400051 M BN
BRAMBLE GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ180050 21/04/2018 UK227860300050 F P
BRANDY GEAL 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ180049 19/04/2018 UK227860200049 F P
BETTY GEAL 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ180048 13/04/2018 UK227860100048 F P
700047 OF JAGGARDSACJ180047 04/04/2018 UK227860700047 M BN
600046 OF JAGGARDSACJ180046 21/03/2018 UK227860600046 M BN
ELIZABETH GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ180044 25/01/2018 UK227860400044 F P
ANNABELL GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ180054 06/08/2018 UK227860700054 F P
100055 OF JAGGARDSACJ180055 08/08/2018 UK227860100055 M BN
200056 OF JAGGARDSACJ190056 01/01/2019 UK227860200056 M BN
EBONY GEAL 4TH OF JAGGARDSACJ190057 09/01/2019 UK227860300057 F P
RAONAID GEAL 4TH OF JAGGARDSACJ190058 23/01/2019 UK227860400058 F P
500059 OF JAGGARDSACJ190059 10/02/2019 UK227860500059 M BN
6000060 OF JAGGARDSACJ190060 19/02/2019 UK227860600060 M BN
ANGELICA GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ190061 18/03/2019 UK227860700061 F P
CLARICE GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ190062 04/04/2019 UK227860100062 F P
CLARICE RUADH 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ190063 04/04/2019 UK227860200063 F P
300064 OF JAGGARDSACJ190064 12/04/2019 UK227860300064 M BN
BONNYBELLA GEAL 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ190065 14/04/2019 UK227860400065 F P
BRANDY GEAL 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ190066 28/04/2019 UK227860500066 F P
600067 OF JAGGARDSACJ190067 04/05/2019 UK227860600067 M BN
700068 OF JAGGARDSACJ190068 13/05/2019 UK227860700068 M BN
BETTY GEAL 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ190069 29/05/2019 UK227860100069 F P
OLIVIA GEAL 5TH OF JAGGARDSACJ190070 15/06/2019 UK227860200070 F P
ANGEL RUADH OF JAGGARDSACJ190071 08/07/2019 UK227860300071 F P
ANNABELLE RUADH 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ190072 13/07/2019 UK227860400072 F P
500073 OF JAGGARDSACJ200073 19/01/2020 UK227860500073 C BN
FERN RUADH 4TH OF JAGGARDSACJ200074 03/02/2020 UK227860600074 F P
BONNYBELLA RUADH 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ200075 20/03/2020 UK227860700075 F P
300078 OF JAGGARDSACJ200078 31/03/2020 UK227860300078 M BN
200077 OF JAGGARDSACJ200077 29/03/2020 UK227860200077 M BN
100076 OF JAGGARDSACJ200076 29/03/2020 UK227860100076 M BN
EBONY RUADH 5TH OF JAGGARDSACJ200079 05/04/2020 UK227860400079 F P
ANGELICA RUADH 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ200080 21/04/2020 UK227860500080 F P
600081 OF JAGGARDSACJ200081 28/04/2020 UK227860600081 M BN
700082 OF JAGGARDSACJ200082 02/05/2020 UK227860700082 M BN
100083 OF JAGGARDSACJ200083 11/05/2020 UK227860100083 M BN
200084 OF JAGGARDSACJ200084 12/05/2020 UK227860200084 M BN
300085 OF JAGGARDSACJ200085 14/05/2020 UK227860300085 M BN
CLARICE RUADH 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ200086 16/05/2020 UK227860400086 F P
500087 OF JAGGARDSACJ200087 18/06/2020 UK227860500087 M BN
ANNABELLE RUADH 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ200088 04/08/2020 UK227860600088 F P
700089 OF JAGGARDSACJ210089 15/01/2021 UK227860700089 C BN
BONNYBELLA RUADH 3RD OF JAGGARDSACJ210090 26/02/2021 UK227860100090 F P
200091 OF JAGGARDSACJ210091 18/03/2021 UK227860200091 M BN
BRANDY GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ210092 27/03/2021 UK227860300092 F P
OLIVIA GEAL OF JAGGARDSACJ210093 29/03/2021 UK227860400093 F P
500094 OF JAGGARDSACJ210094 29/03/2021 UK227860500094 M BN
600095 OF JAGGARDSACJ210095 02/04/2021 UK227860600095 C BN
700096 OF JAGGARDSACJ210096 03/04/2021 UK227860700096 C BN
BETTY RUADH OF JAGGARDSACJ210097 04/04/2021 UK227860100097 F P
OLIVIA GEAL 6TH OF JAGGARDSACJ210098 05/04/2021 UK227860200098 F P
300099 OF JAGGARDSACJ210099 14/04/2021 UK227860300099 C BN
EBONY RUADH 6TH OF JAGGARDSACJ210100 30/04/2021 UK227860400100 F P
BONNYBELLA RUADH OF JAGGARDSACJ210101 05/05/2021 UK227860500101 F P
BRAMBLE GEAL 2ND OF JAGGARDSACJ210102 10/05/2021 UK227860600102 F P
700103 OF JAGGARDSACJ210103 19/05/2021 UK227860700103 C BN
RAIONAID OF JAGGARDSACJ210104 20/06/2021 UK227860100104 F P
200105 OF JAGGARDSACJ210105 01/11/2021 UK227860200105 M BN
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