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NameHerd Book NumBirth DateEartagSexRegister
200649 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050649 31/03/2005 UK125078200649 M BN
400735 OF HELLIFIELD  19/03/2006 UK125078400735 F BN
LUCY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP020009 14/05/2002 UK143227300009 F B
EITEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP050651 29/03/2005 UK125078400651 F P
200642 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050642 14/04/2005 UK125078200642 M BN
KATY MORAG OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP020006 27/05/2002 UK120527500006 F B
ROBBIE 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP020271 08/04/2002 UK125078200271 M P
700892 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060892 05/06/2006 UK125078700892 M BN
LAURA OF HELLIFIELDHRP060813 08/07/2006 UK125078500813 F P
MUIRNEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP060816 15/08/2006 UK125078100816 F P
AMI OF HELLIFIELDHRP060724 20/02/2006 UK125078700724 F P
AN SPIDEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP040581 28/04/2004 UK125078400581 F P
ABIGAIL OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP010003 15/05/2001 UK180677400003 F B
DONALD OF HELLIFIELDHRP04565 10/06/2004 UK125078200565 M P
200572 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040572 22/05/2004 UK125078200572 M BN
400756 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060756 28/02/2006 UK125078400756 M BN
600884 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060884 22/07/2006 UK125078600884 M BN
100648 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050648 02/04/2005 UK125078100648 M BN
ALICE OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP020004 04/07/2002 UK143227500004 F B
AIMIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP060734 18/03/2006 UK125078300734 F P
700745 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060745 19/03/2006 UK125078700745 M BN
500498 OF HELLIFIELDHRP030498 09/06/2003 UK125078500498 M BN
IAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP040592 15/03/2004 UK125078100592 F P
PRINCESS MEIG OF HELLIFIELDHRP050676 22/01/2005 UK125078100676 F P
SIONAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP060809 25/06/2006 UK125078100809 F P
GRAINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP060723 20/02/2006 UK125078600723 F P
600653 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050653 23/03/2005 UK125078600653 M BN
YARM OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP040023 03/04/2004 UK105310600023 F B
700591 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040591 24/03/2004 UK125078700591 M BN
700899 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060899 06/04/2006 UK125078700899 M BN
SARAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP060731 15/03/2006 UK125078700731 F P
SORCHA OF HELLIFIELDHRP060801 28/03/2006 UK125078700801 F P
100802 OF HELLIFIELD  29/03/2006 UK125078100802 F BN
500554 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040554 19/08/2004 UK125078500554 M BN
100893 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060893 21/05/2006 UK125078100893 M BN
100746 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060746 15/03/2006 UK125078100746 M BN
300748 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060748 10/03/2006 UK125078300748 M BN
CAIRISTINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP060732 17/03/2006 UK125078100732 F P
BONNY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP030011 27/05/2003 UK143227500011 F B
400560 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040560 19/07/2004 UK125078400560 M BN
KIRSTY OF HELLIFIELDHRP050665 27/02/2005 UK125078400665 F P
AGNES OF HELLIFIELDHRP060737 20/03/2006 UK125078600737 F P
CAITEIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP040583 21/06/2004 UK125078600583 F P
400770 DECEASED OF HELLIFIELD  23/07/2005 UK125078400770 F BN
LETTUCE OF HELLIFIELDHRP050768 25/07/2005 UK125078200768 F P
100886 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060886 09/07/2006 UK125078100886 M BN
700766 OF HELLIFIELD  01/08/2005 UK125078700766 M BN
IALACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP040584 18/04/2004 UK125078700584 F P
400896 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060896 17/03/2006 UK125078400896 M BN
DORA 4TH OF HELLIFIELDHRP030497 02/07/2003 UK125078400497 F P
HAZEL OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP010007 06/07/2001 UK180677100007 F B
200796 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050796 30/04/2005 UK125078200796 M BN
100900 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060900 28/03/2006 UK125078100900 M BN
ANN OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP041024 03/08/1994 EH96553 F B
500645 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050645 09/04/2005 UK125078500645 M BN
SADI OF HELLIFIELDHRP060726 03/03/2006 UK125078200726 F P
RAONAILD OF HELLIFIELDHRP050647 03/04/2005 UK125078700647 F P
600723 OF HELLIFIELD  24/02/2006 UK12507810 F BN
KAY OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP060736 20/03/2006 UK125078500736 F A
500757 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060757 18/02/2006 UK125078500757 M BN
CAMILLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP050001 23/05/2005 UK132285400001 F P
BANARACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP050646 09/04/2005 UK125078600646 F P
MELODY OF HELLIFIELDHRP050654 17/03/2005 UK125078700654 F P
200747 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060747 12/03/2006 UK125078200747 M BN
500883 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060883 24/07/2006 UK125078500883 M BN
500750 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060750 08/03/2006 UK125078500750 M BN
MOLLY OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP060727 04/03/2006 UK125078300727 F A
600891 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060891 05/06/2006 UK125078600891 M BN
600877 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060877 07/10/2006 UK125078600877 M BN
ATHENA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP040027 14/09/2004 UK105310300027 F B
600800 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050800 19/04/2005 UK125078600800 M BN
500897 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060897 11/04/2006 UK125078500897 M BN
400798 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050798 20/04/2005 UK125078400798 M BN
300762 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050762 12/09/2005 UK125078300762 M BN
NANCY OF HELLIFIELDHRP060738 22/03/2006 UK125078700738 F P
HEIDI OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP060818 22/08/2006 UK125078300818 F A
CEIT OF HELLIFIELDHRP060740 27/03/2006 UK125078200740 F P
SOIRE BHEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP060814 01/08/2006 UK125078600814 F P
HECTOR OF HELLIFIELD  16/03/2003 UK125078600366 M BN
400749 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060749 09/03/2006 UK125078400749 M BN
600744 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060744 20/03/2006 UK125078600744 M BN
ERIC OF HELLIFIELDHRP050650 30/03/2005 UK125078300650 M P
CANACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP060815 12/08/2006 UK125078700815 F P
100788 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050788 27/05/2005 UK125078100788 M BN
SHONA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP020059 09/10/2002 UK107667400059 F B
11 OF HELLIFIELD  20/10/2006 UK12507811 M BN
100585 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040585 18/04/2004 UK125078100585 M BN
EILID OF HELLIFIELDHRP040599 18/04/2004 UK125078100599 F P
AIRLEAGACH OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP020003 20/07/2002 UK126270300003 F B
600898 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060898 10/04/2006 UK125078600898 M BN
700556 OF HELLIFIELDHRP040556 11/08/2004 UK125078700556 M BN
EBONY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP040005 07/06/2004 UK126270500005 F B
400882 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060882 01/08/2006 UK125078400882 M BN
100760 OF HELLIFIELDHRP050760 12/10/2005 UK125078100760 M BN
AINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP060725 02/03/2006 UK125078100725 F P
CRUINNEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP050799 19/04/2005 UK125078500799 F P
LILIAN OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP050761 08/10/2005 UK125078200761 F A
MERCEDES OF HELLIFIELDHRP060722 14/02/2006 UK125078500722 F P
ISLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP040588 05/04/2004 UK125078400588 F P
DOUGAL 1ST OF HELLIFIELDHRP020281 05/06/2002 UK125078500281 M BN
500002 OF HELLIFIELDHRP060002 15/06/2006 UK132285500002 M BN
ECHO OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP040028 16/09/2004 UK105310400028 F B
LAOCHAN ODHARHRP070871 08/01/2007 UK125078700871 M BN
BARBIE UASAIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP070906 11/07/2007 UK125078700906 F P
400994 OF HELLIFIELDHRP070994 09/06/2007 UK125078400994 M BN
SINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP070905 06/07/2007 UK125078600905 F P
LUISAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070907 12/07/2007 UK125078100907 F P
CAIRISTIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP070911 16/07/2007 UK125078500911 F P
HAUDE OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP070913 24/07/2007 UK125078700913 F A
HRP07993HRP070993 27/07/2007 UK125078300993 M BN
MUIRE OF HELLIFIELDHRP070914 27/08/2007 UK125078100914 F P
HRP07991HRP070991 29/08/2007 UK125078100991 M BN
GILLIANE OF HELLIFIELDHRP070848 30/03/2007 UK125078500848 F P
EOIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP070854 09/04/2007 UK125078400854 M P
ELLEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP070853 05/05/2007 UK125078300853 F P
FINOLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP070901 08/05/2007 UK125078200901 F P
HRP07999HRP070999 10/05/2007 UK125078200999 M BN
HRP07998HRP070998 14/05/2007 UK125078100998 M BN
HRP07858HRP070858 23/03/2007 UK125078100858 M BN
SHEELAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070843 23/03/2007 UK125078700843 F P
SALLY GAOLACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070844 23/03/2007 UK125078100844 F P
HRP07855HRP070855 26/03/2007 UK125078500855 M BN
HRP07856HRP070856 27/03/2007 UK125078600856 M BN
MARION OF HELLIFIELDHRP070846 28/03/2007 UK125078300846 F P
LADY RYANNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP070847 29/03/2007 UK125078400847 F P
BEITRIS UASAIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP070838 14/03/2007 UK125078200838 F P
HRP07863HRP070863 15/03/2007 UK125078600863 M BN
SOPHIA OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP070839 16/03/2007 UK125078300839 F A
HRP07862HRP070862 17/03/2007 UK125078500862 M BN
PRINCE MUIREACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070860 18/03/2007 UK125078300860 M BN
HRP07861HRP070861 18/03/2007 UK125078400861 M BN
CHRISTINA RUADH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070840 19/03/2007 UK125078400840 F P
HRP07859HRP070859 20/03/2007 UK125078200859 M BN
BEATAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP07841 20/03/2007 UK125078500841 F P
SCARLETT OF HELLIFIELDHRP070842 20/03/2007 UK125078600842 F P
HRP07864HRP070864 13/03/2007 UK125078700864 M BN
HRP07865HRP070865 13/03/2007 UK125078100865 M BN
ANNABELLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP070836 12/03/2007 UK125078700836 F P
SHEENAGH OF HELLIFIELDHRP070834 10/03/2007 UK125078500834 F P
HRP07866HRP070866 10/03/2007 UK125078200866 M BN
NINIAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP070867 08/03/2007 UK125078300867 M BN
HRP07868HRP070868 06/03/2007 UK125078400868 M BN
CEARBHALL BHEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP070832 04/03/2007 UK125078300832 F P
DIORBHAIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP070831 01/03/2007 UK125078200831 F P
HRP07869HRP070869 27/02/2007 UK125078500869 M BN
HRP07830HRP070830 24/02/2007 UK125078100830 M BN
FLOY OF HELLIFIELDHRP070827 18/02/2007 UK125078500827 F P
HRP07870HRP070870 03/02/2007 UK125078600870 M BN
HRP07986HRP070986 02/12/2007 UK125078300986 M BN
HRP07987HRP070987 30/11/2007 UK125078400987 M BN
HRP07990HRP070990 03/11/2007 UK125078700990 M BN
GEAL SUSANNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP080937 31/03/2008 UK125078300937 F P
CAITLIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP080939 02/04/2008 UK125078500939 F P
ULYSSES OF HELLIFIELDHRP080967 02/04/2008 UK125078500967 M P
ISSAC OF HELLIFIELDHRP080968 02/04/2008 UK125078600968 M P
MAUD OF HELLIFIELDHRP080938 01/04/2008 UK125078400938 F P
HRP080971HRP080971 26/03/2008 UK125078200971 M BN
HRP080972HRP080972 23/03/2008 UK125078300972 M BN
HRP080970HRP080970 28/03/2008 UK125078100970 M BN
HRP080969HRP080969 30/03/2008 UK125078700969 M BN
CAROLYN OF HELLIFIELDHRP080936 19/03/2008 UK125078200936 F P
LORD ANGUS OF HELLIFIELDHRP080973 19/03/2008 UK125078400973 M P
HRP080974HRP080974 18/03/2008 UK125078500974 M BN
ELMA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080935 14/03/2008 UK125078100935 F P
BIDDY OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080934 14/03/2008 UK125078700934 F A
LINSEY OF HELLIFIELDHRP080933 14/03/2008 UK125078600933 F P
KIRSTEEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP080932 13/03/2008 UK125078500932 F P
HRP080975HRP080975 13/03/2008 UK125078600975 M BN
LADY ROSEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP080930 09/03/2008 UK125078300930 F P
HRP080976HRP080976 08/03/2008 UK125078700976 M BN
AILIDH OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080928 08/03/2008 UK125078100928 F A
HRP080977HRP080977 07/03/2008 UK125078100977 M BN
SAMELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080927 06/03/2008 UK125078700927 F P
HRP080979HRP080979 05/03/2008 UK125078300979 M BN
SIMEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP080925 05/03/2008 UK125078500925 F P
CATERINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080922 03/03/2008 UK125078200922 F P
SUKEY OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080923 03/03/2008 UK125078300923 F A
ANGELA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080921 02/03/2008 UK125078100921 F P
ADELIZ OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080919 17/02/2008 UK125078600919 F A
MAISIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP080917 24/01/2008 UK125078400917 F P
HRP080983HRP080983 22/01/2008 UK125078700983 M BN
600961 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080961 17/05/2008 UK125078600961 M BN
ADELAIDE OF HELLIFIELDHRP080946 20/05/2008 UK125078500946 F P
SHIONE OF HELLIFIELDHRP080944 07/05/2008 UK125078300944 F P
100963 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080963 02/05/2008 UK125078100963 M BN
CLEMENTINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP080941 23/04/2008 UK125078700941 F P
400966 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080966 14/04/2008 UK125078400966 M BN
FIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080942 23/04/2008 UK125078100942 F P
LETITIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080850 07/04/2008 UK125078700850 F P
CAREEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP080920 27/02/2008 UK125078700920 F P
SABRINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080947 04/07/2008 UK125078600947 F P
200957 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080957 01/07/2008 UK125078200957 M BN
300958 OF THAGGNAMHRP080958 01/07/2008 UK125078300958 M BN
500960 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080960 17/06/2008 UK125078500960 M BN
400959 OF HELLIFIELDHRP080959 18/06/2008 UK125078400959 M BN
HANNA OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080948 03/07/2008 UK125078700948 F A
DIANA OF HELLIFIELDHRP080951 23/07/2008 UK125078300951 F P
LOLA OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080952 24/07/2008 UK125078400952 F A
CANDIDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP081005 26/09/2008 UK125078101005 F P
RUBY OF HILLTOPHRP070005 02/08/2007 UK131201600005 F P
AILIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP091007 03/01/2009 UK125078301007 F P
501093 OF HELLIFIELDHRP081093 12/11/2008 UK125078501093 M BN
LEADAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP091006 04/01/2009 UK125078201006 F P
401092 OF HELLIFIELDHRP081092 19/11/2008 UK125078401092 M BN
301091 OF HELLIFIELDHRP081091 04/12/2008 UK125078301091 M BN
201090 OF HELLIFIELDHRP081090 10/12/2008 UK125078201090 M BN
101082 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091082 13/03/2009 UK125078101082 M BN
201083 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091083 13/03/2009 UK125078201083 M BN
ARTHUR OF HELLIFIELDHRP091084 12/03/2009 UK125078301084 M P
601087 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091087 01/03/2009 UK125078601087 M BN
UNITY OF HELLIFIELDHRP091012 03/03/2009 UK125078101012 F P
CARRIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP091013 03/03/2009 UK125078201013 F P
SIMARD OF HELLIFIELDHRP091015 05/03/2009 UK125078401015 F P
501086 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091086 06/03/2009 UK125078501086 M BN
401085 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091085 06/03/2009 UK125078401085 M BN
BRENDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP091011 26/02/2009 UK125078701011 F P
ANITA OF HELLIFIELDHRP070045 29/03/2007 UK132653500045 F P
SHARON OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP091016 10/03/2009 UK125078501016 F A
SIGNILD OF HELLIFIELDHRP091025 01/04/2009 UK125078701025 F P
KITTY OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP091024 31/03/2009 UK125078601024 F A
201076 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091076 31/03/2009 UK125078201076 M BN
101075 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091075 01/04/2009 UK125078101075 M BN
701074 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091074 02/04/2009 UK125078701074 M BN
601073 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091073 03/04/2009 UK125078601073 M BN
SILAS OF HELLIFIELDHRP091026 30/04/2009 UK125078101026 F P
LILY OF HELLIFIELDHRP091022 24/03/2009 UK125078401022 F P
AMELIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP091021 22/03/2009 UK125078301021 F P
SEASAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP091020 20/03/2009 UK125078201020 F P
FINOLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP091019 17/03/2009 UK125078101019 F P
AARON OF HELLIFIELDHRP091080 27/03/2009 UK125078601080 M P
301077 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091077 29/03/2009 UK125078301077 M BN
401078 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091078 28/03/2009 UK125078401078 M BN
501079 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091079 28/03/2009 UK125078501079 M BN
MORGAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP091023 28/03/2009 UK125078501023 F P
JACKLEEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP091030 02/05/2009 UK125078501030 F P
ELISE OF HELLIFIELDHRP091029 01/05/2009 UK125078401029 F P
ANDRENA OF HELLIFIELDHRP091028 01/05/2009 UK125078301028 F P
401071 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091071 07/05/2009 UK125078401071 M BN
BAUBIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP091027 30/04/2009 UK125078201027 F P
501072 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091072 07/05/2009 UK125078501072 M BN
201069 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091069 09/05/2009 UK125078201069 M BN
301070 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091070 08/05/2009 UK125078301070 M BN
DUGHALL OF HELLIFIELDHRP091058 10/06/2009 UK125078501058 M BN
401057 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091057 19/06/2009 UK125078401057 M BN
MARINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP091034 13/06/2009 UK125078201034 F P
701060 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091060 11/06/2009 UK125078701060 M BN
101061 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091061 09/06/2009 UK125078101061 M BN
201062 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091062 08/06/2009 UK125078201062 M BN
501065 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091065 07/06/2009 UK125078501065 M BN
401064 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091064 06/06/2009 UK125078401064 M BN
701067 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091067 06/06/2009 UK125078701067 M BN
LUCILLE OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP091036 03/08/2009 UK125078401036 F A
IAIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP091059 09/06/2009 UK125078601059 M P
LORNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP090072 11/03/2009 UK182758600072 F P
FLORENCE OF HELLIFIELDHRP091038 03/09/2009 UK125078601038 F P
201055 OF HELLIFIELDHRP091055 15/08/2009 UK125078201055 M BN
CONACHAIR OF HELLIFIELDHRP091037 10/08/2009 UK125078501037 F P
ERIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP090073 11/06/2009 UK182758700073 F P
ELINOR OF HELLIFIELDHRP091033 01/06/2009 UK125078101033 F P
JAZZ OF HELLIFIELDHRP070852 05/05/2007 UK125078200852 F P
ANITA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101110 15/03/2010 UK125078101110 F P
SIMONE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101109 15/03/2010 UK125078701109 F P
EVE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101106 12/03/2010 UK125078401106 F P
PENELOPE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101107 12/03/2010 UK125078501107 F P
BETH OF HELLIFIELDHRP101105 09/03/2010 UK125078301105 F P
PETER OF HELLIFIELDHRP101194 06/03/2010 UK125078101194 M BN
MURRAY OF HELLIFIELDHRP101197 28/02/2010 UK125078401197 M P
ANGELINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101103 25/02/2010 UK125078101103 F P
SOPHIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101102 24/02/2010 UK125078701102 F P
501198 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101198 23/02/2010 UK125078501198 M BN
UNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101101 21/02/2010 UK125078601101 F P
601199 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101199 09/02/2010 UK125078601199 M BN
FRANCES OF HELLIFIELDHRP101046 08/02/2010 UK125078701046 F P
501191 OF HELLIFIELDEAL101191 23/03/2010 UK125078501191 M BN
601192 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101192 23/03/2010 UK125078601192 M BN
CLAUDIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101112 21/03/2010 UK125078301112 F P
AIMEE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101111 19/03/2010 UK125078201111 F P
501114 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101114 22/03/2010 UK125078501114 F BN
SAMSON OF HELLIFIELDHRP101186 02/04/2010 UK125078701186 M P
301175 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101175 21/04/2010 UK125078301175 M BN
FAITH OF HELLIFIELDHRP101121 21/04/2010 UK125078501121 F P
SONYA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101120 18/04/2010 UK125078401120 F P
MONARCH OF HELLIFIELDHRP101176 17/04/2010 UK125078401176 M P
601178 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101178 15/04/2010 UK125078601178 M BN
501177 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101177 15/04/2010 UK125078501177 M BN
301119 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101119 14/04/2010 UK125078301119 M BN
701179 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101179 13/04/2010 UK125078701179 M BN
CANDICE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101117 12/04/2010 UK125078101117 F P
101180 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101180 12/04/2010 UK125078101180 M BN
201181 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101181 09/04/2010 UK125078201181 M BN
ALICIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101116 09/04/2010 UK125078701116 F P
301182 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101182 08/04/2010 UK125078301182 M BN
MURCIELARGO OF HELLIFIELDHRP101183 07/04/2010 UK125078401183 M P
101187OF HELLIFIELDHRP101187 01/04/2010 UK125078101187 M BN
STACY OF HELLIFIELDHRP101115 31/03/2010 UK125078601115 F P
201188 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101188 30/03/2010 UK125078201188 M BN
VICTORIA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP090014 28/04/2009 UK132106400014 F B
MARY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP060609 23/05/2006 UK121654600609 F B
601185 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101185 03/04/2010 UK125078601185 M BN
MARJORIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101174 22/04/2010 UK125078201174 F P
FERGUS OF HELLIFIELDHRP101172 24/04/2010 UK125078701172 M BN
101173 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101173 23/04/2010 UK125078101173 M BN
JOCELYNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101123 08/05/2010 UK125078701123 F P
401169 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101169 01/05/2010 UK125078401169 M BN
SELMA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101122 26/04/2010 UK125078601122 F P
101166 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101166 06/06/2010 UK125078101166 M BN
401162 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101162 07/06/2010 UK125078401162 M BN
ETHNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101127 29/05/2010 UK125078401127 F P
EDWINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101126 22/05/2010 UK125078301126 F P
301168 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101168 05/06/2010 UK125078301168 M BN
201167 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101167 10/06/2010 UK125078201167 M BN
DUCHESS OF HELLIFIELDHRP101129 08/06/2010 UK125078601129 F P
LYNNE OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP101130 17/06/2010 UK125078701130 F A
CHESICA OF HELLIFIELDHRP101132 28/07/2010 UK125078201132 F P
MIRACLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP101131 27/06/2010 UK125078101131 F P
201160 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101160 03/07/2010 UK125078201160 M BN
601164 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101164 07/06/2010 UK125078601164 M BN
LACHLAN DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP101171 05/06/2010 UK125078601171 M P
501170 OF HELLIFIELDHRP101170 05/06/2010 UK125078501170 M BN
MACALLAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP101157 19/07/2010 UK125078601157 M P
KIMBERLEY OF HELLIFIELDHRP101136 26/09/2010 UK125078601136 F P
FLEUR OF HELLIFIELDHRP101135 20/09/2010 UK125078501135 F P
101292 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111292 26/03/2011 UK125078101292 M BN
201293 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111293 24/03/2011 UK125078201293 M BN
301294 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111294 23/03/2011 UK125078301294 M BN
BARBARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111204 22/03/2011 UK125078401204 F P
601297 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111297 20/03/2011 UK125078601297 M BN
701298 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111298 19/03/2011 UK125078701298 M BN
101299 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111299 16/03/2011 UK125078101299 M BN
501142 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111142 13/03/2011 UK125078501142 M BN
MAURICE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111145 10/03/2011 UK125078101145 M P
PAMELA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111140 07/03/2011 UK125078301140 F P
MIRIAM OF HELLIFIELDHRP111139 06/03/2011 UK125078201139 F P
201146 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111146 05/03/2011 UK125078201146 M BN
SOBRACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP111147 03/03/2011 UK125078301147 M P
401148 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111148 03/03/2011 UK125078401148 M BN
601150 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111150 12/03/2011 UK125078601150 M BN
701151 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111151 07/02/2011 UK125078701151 M BN
301154 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111154 07/01/2011 UK125078301154 M BN
701291 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111291 29/03/2011 UK125078701291 M BN
PRINCESS MICHELLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111207 31/03/2011 UK125078701207 F P
LAURANNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111208 28/03/2011 UK125078101208 F P
601290 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111290 02/04/2011 UK125078601290 M BN
UNITED OF HELLIFIELDHRP111209 03/04/2011 UK125078201209 F P
ABIGAIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP111211 04/04/2011 UK125078401211 F P
MODENA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111210 04/04/2011 UK125078301210 F P
601143 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111143 11/03/2011 UK125078601143 M BN
101152 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111152 01/02/2011 UK125078101152 M BN
201153 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111153 24/01/2011 UK125078201153 M BN
DAISY OF HELLIFIELDHRP111222 08/05/2011 UK125078101222 F P
RACHEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP111221 08/05/2011 UK125078701221 F P
GEMMA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111220 02/05/2011 UK125078601220 F P
601276 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111276 04/05/2011 UK125078601276 M BN
401288 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111288 07/04/2011 UK125078401288 M BN
301287 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111287 08/04/2011 UK125078301287 M BN
201286 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111286 09/04/2011 UK125078201286 M BN
ISABELLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111214 10/04/2011 UK125078701214 F P
SHARONNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111215 10/04/2011 UK125078101215 F P
CATRINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111216 11/04/2011 UK125078201216 F P
SOFIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111217 12/04/2011 UK125078301217 F P
101285 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111285 14/04/2011 UK125078101285 M BN
601283 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111283 16/04/2011 UK125078601283 M BN
501282 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111282 16/04/2011 UK125078501282 M BN
401281 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111281 21/04/2011 UK125078401281 M BN
SOMERLED OF HELLIFIELDHRP111278 27/04/2011 UK125078101278 M P
SUSANNAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP111219 28/04/2011 UK125078501219 F P
301273 PF HELLIFIELDHRP111273 27/05/2011 UK125078301273 M BN
501275 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111275 11/05/2011 UK125078501275 M BN
LINDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111223 13/05/2011 UK125078201223 F P
401274 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111274 11/05/2011 UK125078401274 M BN
LAURANA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111225 18/05/2011 UK125078401225 F P
BECKY OF HELLIFIELDHRP111226 19/05/2011 UK125078501226 F P
CORINNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111231 04/06/2011 UK125078301231 F P
CORINNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111230 04/06/2011 UK125078201230 F P
LAUREOLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP111229 02/06/2011 UK125078101229 F P
SHONAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP111233 01/07/2011 UK125078501233 F P
701270 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111270 04/07/2011 UK125078701270 M BN
AILEEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP111234 30/07/2011 UK125078601234 F P
KIRSTEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP111235 29/09/2011 UK125078701235 F P
PATIENCE OF HELLIFIELDHRP111236 04/10/2011 UK125078101236 F P
401267 OF HELLIFIELDHRP111267 21/11/2011 UK125078401267 M BN
201265 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121265 11/01/2012 UK125078201265 M BN
201398 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121398 23/03/2012 UK125078201398 M BN
CLARICE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121307 23/03/2012 UK125078201307 F P
SAMUELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121306 21/03/2012 UK125078101306 F P
301399 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121399 21/03/2012 UK125078301399 M BN
CLARISSA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121305 20/03/2012 UK125078701305 F P
SINEAD OF HELLIFIELDHRP121304 19/03/2012 UK125078601304 F P
JASMINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121253 14/03/2012 UK125078401253 F P
DONNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121301 14/03/2012 UK125078301301 F P
301252 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121252 14/03/2012 UK125078301252 F BN
401400 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121400 13/03/2012 UK125078401400 M BN
501254 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121254 13/03/2012 UK125078501254 M BN
SIOBHAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP121251 13/03/2012 UK125078201251 F P
601255 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121255 12/03/2012 UK125078601255 M BN
101257 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121257 08/03/2012 UK125078101257 M BN
201258 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121258 08/03/2012 UK125078201258 M BN
301259 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121259 06/03/2012 UK125078301259 M BN
ALISON OF HELLIFIELDHRP121248 06/03/2012 UK125078601248 F P
ADELINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121246 05/03/2012 UK125078401246 F P
CECILIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121245 03/03/2012 UK125078301245 F P
401260 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121260 03/03/2012 UK125078401260 M BN
MARIOTA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121244 01/03/2012 UK125078201244 F P
MANNOCHMORE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121262 27/02/2012 UK125078601262 M P
MABEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP121243 27/02/2012 UK125078101243 F P
SHONAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP121242 24/02/2012 UK125078701242 F P
FLORISE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121241 23/02/2012 UK125078601241 F P
AURORA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121238 22/02/2012 UK125078301238 F P
401239 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121239 21/02/2012 UK125078401239 M BN
URSULA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121240 21/02/2012 UK125078501240 F P
MAVIS OF HELLIFIELDHRP121237 14/02/2012 UK125078201237 F P
MORETTI OF HELLIFIELDHRP121397 23/03/2012 UK125078101397 M P
401393 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121393 30/03/2012 UK125078401393 M BN
PETRINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121314 30/03/2012 UK125078201314 F P
BREDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121312 30/03/2012 UK125078701312 F P
DIANNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121311 28/03/2012 UK125078601311 F P
LORANA OF HELLIFIELDHRP121310 27/03/2012 UK125078501310 F P
501394 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121394 27/03/2012 UK125078501394 M BN
601395 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121395 27/03/2012 UK125078601395 M BN
ISEABAIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP121315 05/04/2012 UK125078301315 F P
601388 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121388 12/04/2012 UK125078601388 M BN
RACHEL 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP121318 14/04/2012 UK125078601318 F P
LEAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP121319 14/04/2012 UK125078701319 F P
501387 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121387 17/04/2012 UK125078501387 M BN
301385 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121385 21/04/2012 UK125078301385 M BN
ISHBEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP121322 04/05/2012 UK125078301322 F P
701382 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121382 02/05/2012 UK125078701382 M BN
601381 OF HELLIFIELFHRP121381 05/05/2012 UK125078601381 M BN
501380 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121380 18/05/2012 UK125078501380 M BN
SEONAD OF HELLIFIELDHRP121324 18/05/2012 UK125078501324 F P
FLOWER OF HELLIFIELDHRP121323 10/05/2012 UK125078401323 F P
LUCY JORDAN 1ST OF HELLIFIELDHRP100014 13/06/2010 UK132663300014 F P
LUCY JORDAN 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP110018 31/05/2011 UK132663700018 F P
MARY 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP110021 02/07/2011 UK132663300021 F P
CLUIAN 1ST OF HELLIFIELDHRP110019 02/06/2011 UK132663100019 F P
SOLAS MOLACH 1ST OF HELLIFIELDHRP110020 06/06/2011 UK132663200020 F P
MARY 1ST OF HELLIFIELDXXX080005 29/07/2008 UK132663100005 F P
MALDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP110053 28/05/2011 UK111878400053 F P
IALUINN OF HELLIFIELDHRP100044 03/12/2010 UK111878200044 F P
WILLOW OF HELLIFIELDHRP110054 20/06/2011 UK111878500054 F P
BROWNIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP110050 16/05/2011 UK111878100050 F P
FLORAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP120005 12/06/2012 UK187741400005 F P
500006 OF HELLIFIELDHRP120006 17/07/2012 UK187741500006 M BN
601374 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121374 29/08/2012 UK125078601374 M BN
BARABAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP120004 08/06/2012 UK187741300004 F P
BARABEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP110001 05/05/2011 UK187741700001 F P
SIGNIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP121331 29/08/2012 UK125078501331 F P
701375 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121375 29/08/2012 UK125078701375 M BN
SNOWFLAKE OF HELLIFIELDHRP121377 01/06/2012 UK125078201377 F P
ALLYSON OF HELLIFIELDHRP121327 23/06/2012 UK125078101327 F P
JANETTA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP120022 27/05/2012 UK132106500022 F B
401372 OF HELLIFIELDHRP121372 10/09/2012 UK125078401372 M BN
MARIONA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP120023 26/06/2012 UK132106600023 F B
CLARA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP121329 13/08/2012 UK125078301329 F B
MAISY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP121328 22/07/2012 UK125078201328 F B
VANESSA OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP030061 09/06/2003 UK166608400061 F B
MOUSY MOO OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP121330 28/08/2012 UK125078401330 F B
201370 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131370 16/02/2013 UK125078201370 M BN
UTOPIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131333 12/02/2013 UK125078701333 F P
ANGELINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP131339 06/03/2013 UK125078601339 F P
SARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131338 06/03/2013 UK125078501338 F P
APHRIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131337 05/03/2013 UK125078401337 F P
BONNY 2ND OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP131336 04/03/2013 UK125078301336 F B
701368 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131368 03/03/2013 UK125078701368 M BN
101369 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131369 25/02/2013 UK125078101369 M BN
MELANIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131335 25/02/2013 UK125078201335 F P
101362 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131362 14/03/2013 UK125078101362 M BN
201363 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131363 12/03/2013 UK125078201363 M BN
301364 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131364 11/03/2013 UK125078301364 M BN
401365 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131365 10/03/2013 UK125078401365 M BN
601367 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131367 09/03/2013 UK125078601367 M BN
AN UISEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP131366 09/03/2013 UK125078501366 F P
JULIA ROSE OF HELLIFIELDHRP131342 09/03/2013 UK125078201342 F P
RAGNHILD OF HELLIFIELDHRP131343 18/03/2013 UK125078301343 F P
HILARY OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP110007 01/07/2011 UK133401400007 F B
AFRICA OF HELLIFIELD APP BXXX110004 01/07/2011 UK133401100004 F B
MONICA OF HELLIFIELDXXX110003 04/07/2011 UK187741200003 F P
701361 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131361 22/03/2013 UK125078701361 M BN
601360 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131360 23/03/2013 UK125078601360 M BN
501359 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131359 25/03/2013 UK125078501359 M BN
MURIELLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP131345 26/03/2013 UK125078501345 F P
SEONAID OF HELLIFIELDHRP131346 26/03/2013 UK125078601346 F P
401358 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131358 30/03/2013 UK125078401358 M BN
ISOBELLE OF HELLFIELDHRP131349 02/04/2013 UK125078201349 F P
URSILLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131350 02/04/2013 UK125078301350 F P
SELVACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP131351 02/04/2013 UK125078401351 F P
301357 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131357 03/04/2013 UK125078301357 M BN
NICOLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131352 05/04/2013 UK125078501352 F P
601493 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131493 29/04/2013 UK125078601493 M BN
DOIREANN PROSEIL OF HELLIFIELDHRP131407 26/04/2013 UK125078401407 F P
MILLBURN OF HELLIFIELDHRP131495 16/04/2013 UK125078101495 M P
LEONORA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131403 15/04/2013 UK125078701403 F P
UIST OF HELLIFIELDHRP131402 14/04/2013 UK125078601402 F P
201356 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131356 06/04/2013 UK125078201356 M BN
101355 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131355 07/04/2013 UK125078101355 M BN
401498 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131498 11/04/2013 UK125078401498 M BN
IONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131408 30/04/2013 UK125078501408 F P
ULRICA OF HELLIFIELDMRT131406 26/04/2013 UK125078301406 F P
MOIRA OF HELLIFIELDHRP130006 21/03/2013 UK124275600006 F P
PENUEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP131419 08/07/2013 UK125078201419 F P
KIRSTYN OF HELLIFIELDHRP131416 30/06/2013 UK125078601416 F P
FREDERICA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131415 29/06/2013 UK125078501415 F P
201482 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131482 19/06/2013 UK125078201482 M BN
301483 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131483 18/06/2013 UK125078301483 M BN
SIDONIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131412 09/06/2013 UK125078201412 F P
101488 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131488 02/06/2013 UK125078101488 M BN
SAPPHIRE OF HELLIFIELDHRP131411 31/05/2013 UK125078101411 F P
ISABEAU OF HELLIFIELDHRP131410 10/05/2013 UK125078701410 F P
MACLAREN OF HELLIFIELDHRP131490 09/05/2013 UK125078301490 M P
SHELIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131409 09/05/2013 UK125078601409 F P
401492 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131491 08/05/2013 UK125078401491 M BN
501492 OF HELLIFIELDHRP131492 08/05/2013 UK125078501492 M BN
  14/04/2013   F P
201475 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141475 27/02/2014 UK125078201475 M BN
ABELINE OF HELLFIELDHRP141422 04/03/2014 UK125078501422 F P
SCAPA OF HELLIFIELDHRP141474 08/03/2014 UK125078101474 M P
UNIQUE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141424 09/03/2014 UK125078701424 F P
CUAILEAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP141425 09/03/2014 UK125078101425 F P
601472 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141472 10/03/2014 UK125078601472 M BN
501471 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141471 13/03/2014 UK125078501471 M BN
401470 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141470 13/03/2014 UK125078401470 M BN
SAIRI OF HELLIFIELDHRP141428 13/03/2014 UK125078401428 F P
LEIGH DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP141429 14/03/2014 UK125078501429 F P
201468 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141468 15/03/2014 UK125078201468 M BN
101467 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141467 18/03/2014 UK125078101467 M BN
SHELAH OF HELLIFIELDHRP141430 18/03/2014 UK125078601430 F P
301476 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141476 11/02/2014 UK125078301476 M BN
401477 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141477 31/01/2014 UK125078401477 M BN
YVONNE OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP080002 05/03/2008 UK133347200002 F A
YASMIN OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP090001 12/07/2009 UK133371200001 F A
YOLANDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP131418 07/07/2013 UK125078101418 F P
701466 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141466 19/03/2014 UK125078701466 M BN
101453 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141453 26/04/2014 UK125078101453 M BN
EILLEEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP141440 26/04/2014 UK125078201440 F P
SHEVONNE DUBH OF HELLFIELDHRP141439 22/04/2014 UK125078101439 F P
DORINDA OF HELLFIELDHRP141438 18/04/2014 UK125078701438 F P
601458 OF HELLFIELDHRP141458 09/04/2014 UK125078601458 M BN
MOIRE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141436 07/04/2014 UK125078501436 F P
701459 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141459 06/04/2014 UK125078701459 M BN
101460 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141460 04/04/2014 UK125078101460 M BN
ANGELICA OF HELLIFIELDHRP141434 04/04/2014 UK125078301434 F P
BERNADETTE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141463 29/03/2014 UK125078401463 F P
MASERATI BLACK OF HELLIFIELDHRP141431 29/03/2014 UK125078701431 F P
STRACHAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP141464 27/03/2014 UK125078501464 M P
601465 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141465 20/03/2014 UK125078601465 M BN
YODEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP141444 03/05/2014 UK125078601444 F P
701452 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141452 03/05/2014 UK125078701452 M BN
ANGELIQUE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141442 30/04/2014 UK125078401442 F P
HEATHER OF HELLIFIELDHRP110040 09/08/2011 UK108318600040 F P
600015 OF HELLIFIELDHRP120015 29/03/2012 UK129470600015 M BN
700545 OF HELLIFIELDHRP120545 30/05/2012 UK541002700545 M BN
601598 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141598 25/06/2014 UK125078601598 M BN
101600 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141600 12/06/2014 UK125078101600 M BN
FHIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP141446 22/05/2014 UK125078101446 F P
401449 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141449 21/05/2014 UK125078401449 M BN
501450 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141450 20/05/2014 UK125078501450 M BN
YOLETTE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141445 14/05/2014 UK125078701445 F P
401596 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141596 17/07/2014 UK125078401596 M BN
501597 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141597 26/06/2014 UK125078501597 M BN
PRISCILLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP141503 04/07/2014 UK125078201503 F P
201594 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141594 30/07/2014 UK125078201594 M BN
JANE OF HELLIFIELDHRP140516 15/05/2014 UK124927300516 F P
BARABAL 1ST OF HELLIFIELDHRP080247 29/05/2008 UK541415300247 F P
ELLEN 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP100019 05/06/2010 UK113076300019 F P
KITTY GEAL 1ST OF THE BRANDHRP090011 16/05/2009 UK172191200011 F P
GILLIAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP100015 03/06/2010 UK113076600015 F P
301595 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141595 19/07/2014 UK125078301595 M BN
701592 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141592 10/09/2014 UK125078701592 M BN
SIBYL OF HELLIFIELDHRP141505 10/09/2014 UK125078401505 F P
ISOBELLE OF HELLIFIELDHRP141506 20/09/2014 UK125078501506 F P
601591 OF HELLIFIELDHRP141591 26/11/2014 UK125078601591 M BN
FAOILTE OF HELLIFIELDHRP143322 25/03/2014 UK180064603322 F P
ADELA OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP151508 05/03/2015 UK125078701508 F A
SIUBHAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP151511 06/03/2015 UK125078301511 F P
MARRIET OF HELLIFIELDHRP151512 08/03/2015 UK125078401512 F P
LESLEY OF HELLIFIELDHRP151514 12/03/2015 UK125078601514 F P
MAUREEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP151516 21/03/2015 UK125078101516 F P
CANADA OF HELLIFIELDHRP151520 27/03/2015 UK125078501520 F P
AIBHLIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP151521 28/03/2015 UK125078601521 F P
SHAVONNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP151523 31/03/2015 UK125078101523 F P
ANGELE OF HELLIFIELDHRP151524 31/03/2015 UK125078201524 F P
MOIREACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP151525 04/04/2015 UK125078301525 F P
MONTREAL OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP151527 15/04/2015 UK125078501527 F A
201566 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151566 21/04/2015 UK125078201566 C BN
401568 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151568 07/04/2015 UK125078401568 C BN
101565 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151565 23/04/2015 UK125078101565 C BN
301567 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151567 10/04/2015 UK125078301567 C BN
201573 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151573 28/03/2015 UK125078201573 C BN
401575 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151575 25/03/2015 UK125078401575 C BN
701578 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151578 23/04/2015 UK125078701578 C BN
201580 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151580 17/03/2015 UK125078201580 C BN
301581 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151581 16/03/2015 UK125078301581 C BN
501583 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151583 13/03/2015 UK125078501583 C BN
601584 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151584 08/03/2015 UK125078601584 C BN
101509 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151509 07/03/2015 UK125078101509 C BN
701585 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151585 07/03/2015 UK125078701585 C BN
SINGLETON DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP151587 23/02/2015 UK125078201587 M P
IALACH DUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP150032 13/06/2012 UK185871500032 F B
NEOINEAN DUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP150033 06/07/2012 UK185871600033 F B
HUILLIN DUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP150034 01/08/2012 UK185871700034 F B
OSTAG ODHAR OF HELLIFIELD APP BHRP150119 31/05/2011 UK110314600119 F B
FIURANACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP151541 30/07/2015 UK125078501541 F P
REBA OF HELLIFIELDHRP151540 06/07/2015 UK125078401540 F P
601556 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151556 14/06/2015 uk125078601556 C BN
MIURA OF HELLIFIELDHRP151539 12/06/2015 UK125078301539 F P
CLARINDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP151538 04/06/2015 UK125078201538 F P
701557 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151557 04/06/2015 UK125078701557 C BN
201559 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151559 03/06/2015 UK125078201559 C BN
401561 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151561 02/06/2015 UK125078401561 C BN
101558 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151558 03/06/2015 UK125078101558 C BN
MILREAD OF HELLIFIELDHRP151535 20/05/2015 UK125078601535 F P
EITEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP151534 12/05/2015 UK125078501534 F P
SARAID OF HELLIFIELDHRP151533 11/05/2015 UK125078401533 F P
BERTHA OF HELLIFIELDHRP151532 10/05/2015 UK125078301532 F P
SHANNON OF HELLIFIELDHRP151531 06/05/2015 UK125078201531 F P
ARDBEG OF HELLIFIELDHRP151564 01/05/2015 UK125078701564 M P
301553 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151553 07/10/2015 UK125078301553 M BN
401589 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151589 31/05/2011 UK125078401589 M BN
501555 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151555 01/06/2015 UK125078501555 M BN
KEIRA GEAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP151537 25/05/2015 UK125078101537 F P
SNOWDROP OF HELLIFIELDHRP151544 17/09/2015 UK125078101544 F P
401554 OF HELLIFIELDHRP151554 15/08/2015 UK125078401554 M BN
FAILTE DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP151543 31/07/2015 UK125078701543 F P
MIAMI OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP161618 27/03/2016 UK125078501618 F A
201692 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161692 25/03/2016 UK125078201692 C BN
ANGELICA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161617 24/03/2016 UK125078401617 F P
AUGUSTA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161615 23/03/2016 UK125078201615 F P
ANNE-MARIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP161614 21/03/2016 UK125078101614 F P
BERAHTA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161611 16/03/2016 UK125078501611 F P
SOLAS MOLACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP161609 10/03/2016 UK125078301609 F P
601696 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161696 09/03/2016 UK125078601696 C BN
SIOBHAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP161607 07/03/2016 UK125078101607 F P
701697 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161697 05/03/2016 UK125078701697 C BN
101698 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161698 03/03/2016 UK125078101698 C BN
BRIDGET OF HELLIFIELDHRP161606 27/02/2016 UK125078701606 F P
CARAMEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP161605 24/02/2016 UK125078601605 F P
SORCHA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP161604 24/02/2016 UK125078501604 F P
201699 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161699 21/02/2016 UK125078201699 C BN
JANET OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP161603 19/02/2016 UK125078301602 F A
IDONEA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP161602 18/02/2016 UK125078401603 F A
COUNTESS HOLLIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP161601 10/02/2016 UK125078201601 F P
FERN OF HELLIFIELDHRP161547 08/02/2016 UK125078401547 F P
501548 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161548 04/02/2016 UK125078501548 C BN
601549 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161549 03/02/2016 UK125078601549 C BN
MALDA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP161546 10/02/2016 UK125078301546 F P
101551 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161551 20/01/2016 UK125078101551 C BN
701550 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161550 20/01/2016 UK125078701550 C BN
201552 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161552 19/11/2015 UK125078201552 C BN
GILLEAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP161636 22/05/2016 UK125078201636 F P
AFRIC DHUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP161634 20/05/2016 UK125078701634 F A
KIMBERLEIGH OF HELLIFIELDHRP161633 20/05/2016 UK125078601633 F P
ELANA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161631 17/05/2016 UK125078401631 F P
CLARICE OF HELLIFIELDHRP161630 17/05/2016 UK125078301630 F P
CHALLAINN MAY OF HELLIFIELDHRP161629 16/05/2016 UK125078201629 F P
701683 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161683 06/05/2016 UK125078701683 C BN
101684 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161684 06/05/2016 UK125078101684 C BN
201685 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161685 30/04/2016 UK125078201685 C BN
MAIGHREAD OF HELLIFIELDHRP161626 29/04/2016 UK125078601626 F P
301686 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161686 29/04/2016 UK125078301686 C BN
ISOBELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161624 17/04/2016 UK125078401624 F P
OONAGH OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP161623 17/04/2016 UK125078301623 F A
SHARONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161621 12/04/2016 UK125078101621 F P
501688 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161688 12/04/2016 UK125078501688 C BN
601689 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161689 07/04/2016 UK125078601689 C BN
701690 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161690 06/04/2016 UK125078701690 C BN
FIONNGHAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP161619 05/04/2016 UK125078601619 F P
101691 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161691 30/03/2016 UK125078101691 C BN
101691 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161691 30/03/2016 UK125078101691 C BN
AUBURN OF HELLIFIELDHRP161641 10/06/2016 UK125078701641 F P
FAILTICH OF HELLIFIELDHRP161640 09/06/2016 UK125078601640 F P
FURAN SILEAS OF HELLIFIELDHRP161639 02/06/2016 UK125078501639 F P
401680 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161680 02/06/2016 UK125078401680 C BN
501681 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161681 01/06/2016 UK125078501681 C BN
601682 OF HELLIFIELDHRP161682 01/06/2016 UK125078601682 C BN
JULIA ROSA OF HELLIFIELDHRP161638 31/05/2016 UK125078401638 F P
ANNABELLE DHUBH OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP160005 22/03/2015 UK136299200005 F A
ANISEED OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP160003 17/03/2014 UK136299700003 F A
MINELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171644 08/01/2017 UK125078301644 F P
RAQUEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP171643 02/10/2016 UK125078201643 F P
701669 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171669 07/01/2017 UK125078701669 M BN
101670 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171670 03/01/2017 UK125078101670 M BN
MURIEL OF HELLIFIELD APP AHRP171302 18/03/2012 UK125078401302 F A
HANANI OF HELLIFIELDHRP170006 12/07/2015 UK132798500006 F P
LORA OF HELLIFIELDHRP170008 10/08/2016 UK132798700008 F P
HARRIET OF HELLIFIELDHRP170009 12/08/2016 UK132798100009 F P
CARDU OF HELLIFIELDHRP171664 04/03/2017 UK125078201664 M P
SHIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171648 08/03/2017 UK125078701648 F P
MYRA DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP171663 07/03/2017 UK125078101663 F P
SIARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171647 07/03/2017 UK125078601647 F P
SHARANE OF HELLIFIELDHRP171646 26/02/2017 UK125078501646 F P
601661 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171661 21/03/2017 UK125078601661 C BN
301665 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171665 05/03/2017 UK125078301665 C BN
501667 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171667 04/03/2017 UK125078501667 C BN
SAHARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171654 23/03/2017 UK125078601654 F P
LUCETTE JORDAN DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP171653 23/03/2017 UK125078501653 F P
MINELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171644 08/01/2017 UK125078301644 F P
AINGEAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP171645 30/01/2017 UK125078401645 F P
501660 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171660 24/03/2017 UK125078501660 C BN
101670 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171670 03/01/2017 UK125078101670 C BN
701669 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171669 07/01/2017 UK125078701669 C BN
PANDORA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171625 28/04/2016 UK125078501625 F P
401659 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171659 25/03/2017 UK125078401659 C BN
201657 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171657 26/03/2017 UK125078201657 C BN
MURIELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171612 20/03/2016 UK125078601612 F P
FURAN ODHAR OF HELLIFIELDHRP171715 17/05/2017 UK125078401715 F P
MATILDA DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP171712 12/05/2017 UK125078101712 F P
ISABELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171711 01/05/2017 UK125078701711 F P
NICKI OF HELLIFIELDHRP171709 25/04/2017 UK125078501709 F P
FLORENTINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP171707 18/04/2017 UK125078301707 F P
KIRSTINE OF HELLIFIELDHRP171705 15/04/2017 UK125078101705 F P
CEIT ODHAR OF HELLIFIELDHRP171703 09/04/2017 UK125078601703 F P
AUGUSTINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171702 07/04/2017 UK125078501702 F P
LETITIA DUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP171701 04/04/2017 UK125078401701 F P
201790 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171790 14/05/2017 UK125078201790 C BN
101796 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171796 07/04/2017 UK125078101796 C BN
701795 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171795 07/04/2017 UK125078701795 C BN
201797 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171797 05/04/2017 UK125078201797 C BN
JURA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171800 03/04/2017 UK125078 501800 M P
701655 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171655 02/04/2017 UK125078701655 C BN
301791 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171791 21/04/2017 UK125078301791 M BN
FUSCHIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP171706 16/04/2017 UK125078201706 F P
MARANELLO OF HELLIFIELDHRP171787 12/06/2017 UK125078601787 M P
MURIAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP171720 04/06/2017 UK125078201720 F P
701788 OF HELLIFIELDHRP171788 07/06/2017 UK125078701788 C BN
FONDANT OF HELLIFIELDHRP171724 12/07/2017 UK125078601724 F P
LUCIE JORDAN OF HELLIFIELDHRP171725 18/07/2017 UK125078701725 F P
601773 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181773 27/11/2017 UK125078601773 C BN
MINNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181732 25/11/2017 UK125078701732 F P
701774 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181774 28/10/2017 UK125078701774 C BN
SIUSAIDH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181731 01/10/2017 UK125078601731 F P
UNA BHUIDHE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181730 24/09/2017 UK125078501730 F P
MODEL FRITH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181728 09/09/2017 UK125078301728 F P
601780 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181780 27/08/2017 UK125078601780 C BN
SONJA OF HELLIFIELDHRP180005 14/05/2017 UK125078500005 F P
AMETHYST OF HELLIFIELDHRP181803 18/05/2018 UK125078101803 F P
FLAVIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181802 18/05/2018 UK125078701802 F P
JEANNIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181801 11/05/2018 UK125078601801 F P
GILLEON OF HELLIFIELDHRP181749 05/05/2018 UK125078301749 F P
SAMANTA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181748 03/05/2018 UK125078201748 F P
401750 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181750 28/04/2018 UK125078401750 C BN
AGNETHA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181747 26/04/2018 UK125078101747 F P
501751 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181751 21/04/2018 UK125078501751 C BN
MALVINA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181745 15/04/2018 UK125078601745 F P
MINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181746 15/04/2018 UK125078701746 F P
601752 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181752 12/04/2018 UK125078601752 C BN
EIBHILIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP181744 12/04/2018 UK125078501744 F P
FLORENTIUS OF HELLIFIELDHRP181743 12/04/2018 UK125078401743 F P
SHIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181742 06/04/2018 UK125078301742 F P
101754 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181754 06/04/2018 UK125078101754 C BN
201755 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181755 04/04/2018 UK125078201755 C BN
SHONE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181741 04/04/2018 UK125078201741 F P
301756 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181756 31/03/2018 UK125078301756 C BN
JOCASTA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181734 21/03/2018 UK125078201734 F P
601759 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181759 21/03/2018 UK125078601759 C BN
601766 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181766 20/03/2018 UK125078601766 C BN
701767 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181767 20/03/2018 UK125078701767 C BN
101768 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181768 20/03/2018 UK125078101768 C BN
101761 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181761 19/03/2018 UK125078101761 C BN
501772 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181772 18/03/2018 UK125078501772 C BN
SARITA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181738 18/03/2018 UK125078601738 F P
CERYS BUIDHE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181733 16/03/2018 UK125078101733 F P
201762 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181762 11/03/2018 UK125078201762 C BN
301763 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181763 10/03/2018 UK125078301763 C BN
SHEVAUN DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181736 07/03/2018 UK125078401736 F P
401764 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181764 07/03/2018 UK125078401764 C BN
KITTY ODAR OF HELLIFIELDHRP181735 06/03/2018 UK125078301735 F P
201769 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181769 28/02/2018 UK125078201769 C BN
301770 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181770 20/02/2018 UK125078301770 C BN
401771 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181771 10/02/2018 UK125078401771 C BN
401897 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181897 15/07/2018 UK125078401897 C BN
ANNISE UISEAG DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181810 14/07/2018 UK125078101810 F P
MOREEN DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181809 12/07/2018 UK125078701809 F P
ALOISE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181808 08/07/2018 UK125078601808 F P
THORA OF HELLIFIELDHRP181807 05/07/2018 UK125078501807 F P
601899 OF HELLIFIELDHRP181899 19/06/2018 UK125078601899 C BN
LUCY JOYCE OF HELLIFIELDHRP181806 15/06/2018 UK125078401806 F P
BARABAL DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP181804 28/05/2018 UK125078201804 F P
ESME OF HELLIFIELDHRP191811 26/07/2018 UK125078201811 F P
UNA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191814 02/08/2018 UK125078501814 F P
ANAM CARLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191815 07/08/2018 UK125078601815 F P
401813 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191813 12/08/2018 UK125078401813 C BN
701893 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191893 13/09/2018 UK125078701893 M BN
ELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191816 29/09/2018 UK125078701816 F P
IONNA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191818 07/11/2018 UK125078201818 F P
601892 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191892 16/11/2018 UK125078601892 C BN
UDJITE OF HELLIFIELDHRP191819 05/02/2019 UK125078301819 F P
BARBARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191821 12/02/2019 UK125078501821 F P
401890 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191890 02/03/2019 UK125078401890 C BN
301889 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191889 03/03/2019 UK125078301889 C BN
201888 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191888 04/03/2019 UK125078201888 C BN
SNEACHDACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191825 09/03/2019 UK125078201825 F P
FLURANACH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191828 12/03/2019 UK125078501828 F P
701886 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191886 13/03/2019 UK125078701886 C BN
501884 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191884 17/03/2019 UK125078501884 C BN
JOHANNE DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191829 18/03/2019 UK125078601829 F P
SASHA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191831 19/03/2019 UK125078101831 F P
MAZZANTI OF HELLIFIELDHRP191832 20/03/2019 UK125078201832 F P
401883 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191883 20/03/2019 UK125078401883 C BN
SHINEAD ODAR OF HELLIFIELDHRP191833 21/03/2019 UK125078301833 F P
301882 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191882 23/03/2019 UK125078301882 M BN
201881 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191881 23/03/2019 UK125078201881 C BN
ULRICA RUADH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191835 23/03/2019 UK125078501835 F P
FLORENT OF HELLIFIELDHRP191836 24/03/2019 UK125078601836 F P
701879 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191879 25/03/2019 UK125078701879 C BN
601878 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191878 26/03/2019 UK125078601878 C BN
501877 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191877 27/03/2019 UK125078501877 C BN
SHEONA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP191838 28/03/2019 UK125078101838 F P
401876 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191876 01/04/2019 UK125078401876 C BN
SYLVIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP191840 05/04/2019 UK125078301840 F P
301875 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191875 05/04/2019 UK125078301875 C BN
201874 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191874 06/04/2019 UK125078201874 C BN
101873 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191873 08/04/2019 UK125078101873 C BN
701872 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191872 08/04/2019 UK125078701872 C BN
601871 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191871 11/04/2019 UK125078601871 C BN
501870 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191870 18/04/2019 UK125078501870 C BN
401869 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191869 19/04/2019 UK125078401869 C BN
301868 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191868 04/05/2019 UK125078301868 C BN
ANNA MHOR OF HELLIFIELDHRP190011 07/07/2018 UK125078100011 F P
ANNIS UISEAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP191844 04/06/2019 UK125078701844 F P
SCARBA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191845 02/06/2019 UK125078101845 F P
101866 OF HELLIFIELDHRP191866 23/05/2019 UK125078101866 C BN
TAMARA OF HELLIFIELDHRP191843 21/05/2019 UK125078601843 F P
GEALAG-LAIR OF HELLIFIELDHRP201853 28/08/2019 UK125078201853 F P
201860 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201860 29/06/2019 UK125078201860 C BN
301861 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201861 24/06/2019 UK125078301861 C BN
ANNELIES OF HELLIFIELDHRP201847 12/06/2019 UK125078301847 F P
ANAM CARMELA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201846 11/06/2019 UK125078201846 F P
501863 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201863 08/06/2019 UK125078501863 C BN
ETTIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201837 27/03/2019 UK125078701837 F P
ULRICA RUADH OF HELLIFIELDHRP201835 23/03/2019 UK125078501835 F P
DUANA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201834 21/03/2019 UK125078401834 F P
EDMUNDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201830 19/03/2019 UK125078701830 F P
EMPRESS HELOISE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201822 26/02/2019 UK125078601822 F P
AUSTRALIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP200009 15/04/2017 UK136299600009 F A
ANABELLA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201812 28/07/2018 UK125078301812 F B
CORBY OF HELLIFIELDHRP200001 05/04/2018 UK211634300001 F B
BRACKEN OF HELLIFIELDHRP200002 13/08/2019 UK118910100002 F A
SILEAS RUADH OF HELLIFIELD HRP200101 12/09/2018 UK125639500101 F A
URSULE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201909 25/03/2020 UK125078201909 F P
SHELLEY OF HELLIFIELDHRP201904 20/03/2020 UK125078401904 F P
SASKIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201908 24/03/2020 UK125078101908 F P
MERIEL OF HELLIFIELDHRP201902 15/03/2020 UK125078201902 F P
FLOWER OF HELLIFIELDHRP201901 14/03/2020 UK125078101901 F P
FLOSS OF HELLIFIELDHRP201903 20/03/2020 UK125078301903 F P
CECILE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201905 21/03/2020 UK125078501905 F P
CARAMAC OF HELLIFIELDHRP201906 22/03/2020 UK125078601906 F P
401855 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201855 21/03/2020 UK125078401855 C BN
202000 OF HELLIFIELDHRP202000 21/03/2020 UK125078202000 C BN
101999 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201999 26/03/2020 UK125078101999 C BN
301994 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201994 05/04/2020 UK125078301994 C BN
401995 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201995 04/04/2020 UK125078401995 C BN
501996 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201996 01/04/2020 UK125078501996 C BN
601913 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201913 03/04/2020 UK125078601913 C BN
601997 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201997 01/04/2020 UK125078601997 C BN
701991 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201991 18/04/2020 UK125078701991 C BN
701998 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201998 02/04/2020 UK125078701998 C BN
DUBH PLEODAG OF HELLIFIELDHRP201918 25/04/2020 UK125078401918 F P
EMPRESS HONORIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201911 31/03/2020 UK125078401911 F P
FLEURE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201917 19/04/2020 UK125078301917 F P
FUCHSIA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201915 12/04/2020 UK125078101915 F P
OSTAG RUADH OF HELLIFIELDHRP201914 04/04/2020 UK125078701914 F P
REGINA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201916 12/04/2020 UK125078201916 F P
201993 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201993 10/04/2020 UK125078201993 C BN
ELISA OF NETHERFIELDHRP200107 11/04/2019 UK125639400107 F A
WAITE GEAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP200109 25/04/2019 UK125639600109 F B
ANTONIE OF HELLIFIELDHRP201922 14/05/2020 UK125078101922 F P
SIMONA DHUBH OF HELLIFIELDHRP201921 10/05/2020 UK125078701921 F P
SENGA GEAL OF HELLIFIELDHRP201920 03/05/2020 UK125078601920 F P
501898 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201898 03/05/2020 UK125078501898 C BN
BERARDI OF HELLIFIELDHRP201923 20/05/2020 UK125078201923 F P
CINAMMON OF HELLIFIELDHRP201929 18/06/2020 UK125078101929 F P
ALMIRA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201928 16/06/2020 UK125078701928 F P
MOYA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201927 07/06/2020 UK125078601927 F P
601983 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201983 06/06/2020 UK125078601983 C BN
SIMONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201926 31/05/2020 UK125078501926 F P
101985 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201985 29/05/2020 UK125078101985 C BN
201986 OF HELLIFIELDHRP201986 23/05/2020 UK125078201986 C BN
DAISY 2ND OF HELLIFIELDHRP200023 19/04/2019 UK187482100023 F B
PEACHES OF HELLIFIELDHRP200025 10/05/2019 UK187842300025 F B
MATILDA OF HELLIFIELDHRP201924 21/05/2020 UK125078301924 F P
OREO OF HELLIFIELDHRP201925 23/05/2020 UK125078401925 F P
THERESA OF HELLIFIELDHRP210025 10/05/2019 UK187482300025 F A
SARAI OF HELLIFIELDHRP211930 07/03/2021 UK125078201930 F P
JOCELIN OF HELLIFIELDHRP211931 11/03/2021 UK125078301931 F P
CELESTE OF HELLIFIELDHRP211932 11/03/2021 UK125078401932 F P
BRIANNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP211933 16/03/2021 UK125078501933 F P
CATRIONA OF HELLIFIELDHRP211934 16/03/2021 UK125078601934 F P
SEILISDEAR OF HELLIFIELDHRP211935 18/03/2021 UK125078701935 F P
EITHNE OF HELLIFIELDHRP211937 19/03/2021 UK125078201937 F P
AIFRICE OF HELLIFIELDHRP211938 22/03/2021 UK125078301938 F P
SANDY OF HELLIFIELDHRP211939 28/03/2021 UK125078401939 F P
MIKAELA OF HELLIFIELDHRP211940 29/03/2021 UK125078501940 F P
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